Tablet Games for Kids That Aren’t a Complete Waste of Time

Apr 3, 2019 by

There is a certain stigma against parents who let their children endlessly spend hours staring at a screen. Let’s face it, this is the easiest way to keep the kids entertained, especially at times when you just need a break. But unfortunately this is not always the best parenting strategy.

Maybe as an adult you spend your tablet time preparing for admin assistant questions in an interview or reading up on worldly current events. Children, on the other hand, don’t make use of the tablet like we do as grownups. They tend to spend the time playing mindless games or watching Youtube videos (that perhaps they shouldn’t be watching).

But there is good news, your kids’ use of tablets doesn’t have to be a complete fail. There are plenty of tablet games and apps available that won’t be a waste of time; in fact, they might end up doing some good! Consider downloading these games for your kids to make tablet time learning time.

Osmo for iOS and Android

It might seem silly to try and teach your kids coding, but in a world where technology is taking over this could very well be the best skill they ever learn. The Osmo app is an interactive tangible coding game that requires physical game pieces to represent shapes, words, and numbers. Here’s how it works according to Wirecutter:

“The Osmo Coding game uses bricks marked with commands, arrows, numbers, and loops that kids arrange into “scripts” to direct a cute character through mazes and challenges, picking up prizes such as strawberries. The physical pieces and the game structure mean that kids don’t need to be able to read and write to begin learning the basics of programming.”

Bedtime Math for iOS and Android

Bedtime Math can be substituted in place of story time each evening, but instead of focusing English and literary skills it is geared towards improving a child’s math skills. It doesn’t just offer math skillbuilding but also builds confidence in your child’s overall knowledge of basic mathematics. Try alternating each evening with story time and Bedtime Math; this will teach your child the value of math and not just English skills.

DragonBox Numbers for iOS and Android

Another great Tablet game for your kids, DragonBox Numbers is ideal for children 5 and up and need to work on basic addition and subtraction skills. This app does so in a way that is actually enjoyable and is set in a fantasy world, dragons and all. If your child is 8 years or older, try out the DragonBox Elements app instead.

Space for iOS

The Space app for iOS is a great way to get your kids interested in exploration and the world of astronomy. Children as young as 3 will be able to explore the sun, stars, planets, and other galaxies. Kids can learn about everything from Saturn’s rings to explosive gases on Venus. They can even drive a rover across the surface of Mars.

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