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SketchUp Pro is the best 3D modeling program available today. It’s simple to use, and with such a wide range of possible applications, there will be no limit to what you can create. SketchUp Pro can be used to design architecture, landscapes, and interior decorating. It can also be used for 3D print models, engineering projects, and even video game and film design.

Use SketchUp Pro to:

  • Create captivating documents.
  • Work with CAD data.
  • Make accurate and detailed 3D models.
  • Add data to help you stay organized when working with complex conditions.
  • Generate RFI graphics.
  • Easily communicate with other members of your project team.
  • And much more!

Work with a Variety of Imports

With SketchUp Pro, you can create primary lines and shapes and then manipulate them to form a variety of 3D structures. The program includes templates you can start with. If you choose, you can import your blueprints. SketchUp Pro allows you to import anything from a handmade sketch to CAD plans. You can even use photographs, which makes creating graphic designs easier. All these options allow for endless creative possibilities.

Use LayOut for All Your 2D Needs

Although you’re working with 3D applications, you might need to present some of your ideas in 2D form. For example, maybe you need to show an overview of your plans for a building permit, or you need a 2D design to present to your colleagues during a meeting. If so, you’ll be glad to learn that SketchUp Pro includes LayOut, a software designed for showing 3D projects in 2D. LayOut makes it easy to examine your plan in 2D, preventing you from having to make all the calculations yourself.

Take Advantage of Easy 3D Printing

Designing a 3D printable model in SketchUp Pro is hassle-free. After taking care of a few simple steps to make sure your printer is set up correctly for the creation of your 3D model, you’ll be ready to go. You can use SketchUp Pro to create anything from toys for your kids to replacement mechanical parts.

Utilize Existing Data with Dynamic Components

You can use SketchUp Pro to play around and create something from scratch, but you’re most likely using it with a specific project in mind. That means you have measurements and other data to consider as you work. The software allows you to add attributes to your model using Dynamic Components. You’ll be able to stop at any time and generate a report showing all the current data. This makes it easy to check that everything is correct before you continue with the project.

Get the Entire Team Involved

SketchUp Pro is simple to understand, so you won’t have to spend years in college to learn how to use it. Everyone from your engineers to your interns can use the software, making it easy for the entire team to stay on the same page.

Maintain Communication Throughout the Project

If you work with a creative team, you already know the importance of smooth communication. When the unit isn’t on the same page, the project will struggle. That’s why team leaders and other collaboration organizers choose SketchUp Pro.

The software makes it easy to send information between team members. Everyone will be able to see the 3D model in live time. This allows team members in various locations to work together. It reduces the delays that can occur when a large amount of information must be relayed via phone or email.

For more information on SketchUp Pro, please contact us today. From art to engineering, SketchUp Pro is the tool you need to take your great ideas from the brainstorming stage to the finished product.

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