Talking School Choice “Win-Win”

Jun 2, 2016 by

by Greg Forster –

I’m grateful for the attention to the recently released fourth edition of my report A Win-Win Solution, reviewing the evidence on school choice programs.

You can now hear a podcast of yours truly discussing the report here.

As in past years, the table in the executive summary kind of says it all:

Table 1

If that graphic doesn’t show well on your monitor, here’s the scorecard on what empirical studies have found for school choice programs:

  • Academic Outcomes of Choice Participants: 14-2-2
  • Academic Outcomes of Public Schools: 31-1-1
  • Fiscal Impact on Taxpayers and Public Schools: 25-3-0
  • Racial Segregation in Schools: 9-1-0
  • Civic Values and Practices: 8-3-0

Source: Talking School Choice “Win-Win” | Jay P. Greene’s Blog

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