Taxpayers fund $600K LGBTQ ‘safe zone’ study

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The federal government is awarding more than half a million dollars in taxpayer money in the form of grants to fund a study examining “safe zones” designated for engineering students who identify as members of the LGBTQ community.

A grand total of $587,441 is being spent by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to finance a joint study titled “A Virtual Community of Practice to Promote LGBTQ Inclusion in Engineering” – a research project that includes the creation of an online Safe Zone course devised to offer inclusion training for engineering students, as well as for engineering professionals nationwide.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars to examine a possible problem?

According to NSF, the possibility of some gender-confused students feeling a bit uneasy about the acceptance of their sexuality while taking engineering courses warrants an investment of nearly $600,000 in taxpayers’ money.

“Recent research on the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) individuals in engineering has shown that the climate can be unfriendly (or ‘chilly’) for both students and professionals,” NSF’s award abstract reads. “This project aims to increase the inclusion of LGBTQ students and professionals in engineering.”

In essence, the research money is being used to indoctrinate campus communities and enforce a code of behavior from coast to coast that is acceptable to the radical Left.

“It will provide support for new approaches to foster inclusion and research on how to enable faculty and staff to become change agents,” the abstract continues. “The project will identify issues faced by LGBTQ students and professionals in engineering, identify and implement strategies to create more welcoming engineering environments, and disseminate those strategies so that they can be expanded to a national level.”

Money buys influence

NSF’s control over campus politics throughout America’s academia is undisputed, as it has command of billions of dollars and indicates on its website that it is the financial source for nearly a quarter of all campus studies.

“The National Science Foundation –an independent federal agency – currently has a budget of $7.5 billion of taxpayer money for the 2017 fiscal year,” TheBlaze reported. “NSF … boasts that it is the funding source for around 24 percent of all federally supported basic research conducted by American colleges and universities.”

NSF makes it clear that its goal is to mainstream and normalize the LGBTQ lifestyle in the campus community and make sure that other progressive cultural viewpoints are embraced and promoted in American universities, as well.

“Successful completion of this project will result in the implementation of policies and practices in engineering environments to increase inclusion and participation of LGBTQ students and professionals,” NSF informs in its grant award. “In addition, it will determine the usefulness of a Virtual Community of Practice model for efforts such as this to address other societal issues.”

Weeding out conservative values

It also maintains that any traditional or biblical perspectives that oppose or do not embrace homosexual behavior will be silenced and/or eradicated if the project’s target is reached after it is conducted between Jan. 1, 2018 and Dec. 31, 2020.

“A chilly climate for LGBTQ individual can be found in every sector of STEM professions, where cultural norms and professional ideologies make it difficult to recognize and rectify exclusionary practices,” NSF’s abstract asserts. “One negative consequence of this chilly environment is difficulty in recruiting and retaining talented LGBTQ individuals into the engineering profession.”

Your tax dollars at work on campuses

Of the nearly $600,000, $100,000 will be used to establish “safe zone” inclusion training geared to increase the number of engineers who identify with the LGBTQ community, with several institutions sharing the lucrative grant.

“The project … is a joint study being conducted by the American Society for Engineering Education, Rowan University, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,” the Washington Free Beacon explained, noting that two of the institutions were direct recipients of the funds. “Two separate grants totaling $587,441 were awarded Thursday – a grant worth $473,325 was awarded to the American Society for Engineering Education, and $114,116 was given to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.”

NSF has approved several LGBTQ activists in the academic world to orchestrate the social engineering experiment, which sets out to equip and empower students and faculty alike to adopt and promote a pro=LGBTQ mindset on campuses nationwide.

“Kelly Cross, a post-doctoral researcher for the University of Illinois, Stephanie Farrell, the chair of experiential engineering education at Rowan University, and Rocio Chavela Guerra of the American Society for Engineering Education, are leading the study,” the Beacon’s Elizabeth Harrington pointed out. “[A] cross list of research interests includes ‘diversity and inclusion in STEM, intersectionality, teamwork and communication skills, assessment, and identity construction.’”



Source: Taxpayers fund $600K LGBTQ ‘safe zone’ study

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