Teach For America — America’s fastest growing political organization?

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con artistBy Jersey Jazzman –


Last spring, I came across an unannounced, coordinated campaign finance machine, put together to support reform candidates in school board and state-level races across the country. This machine distributed more than one-quarter million dollars to small, obscure races that had never seen this level of campaign finance before:






It’s astonishing when you look at it: $63,200 for a school board race in little Perth Amboy, New Jersey —  all to save an unpopular but tenure-hating superintendent (who has since been booted by the current board).  Then there was the $54,000 spent for a state school board race in Nevada. Who throws around this kind of money for these kinds of races? More importantly: who has coordinated this giving?


Thanks to a tip from a reader, we now know the “Reform Campaign Finance Machine” has started up its engines once again: this time, in the Atlanta school board race.


Here are the numbers so far, with links to the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission:

via Teach For America — America’s fastest growing political organization?.

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