We need to teach our kids that West is best

Dec 10, 2015 by

Abbott comments on Islam ‘divisive’

FORMER prime minister Tony Abbott is correct to argue there is a link between terrorism and Islam and more needs to be done to defend and promote the benefits of Western civilisation. For far too long multicultural apologists have refused to make the connection and to call on Islamic leaders to confront the fact that extreme forms of Islam are barbaric, anti-Western and evil.

Abbott is in good company. As I wrote on these pages two months ago the British Prime Minister also argues there is a link between terrorism and ­Islamic fundamentalism.

After arguing that Britain is a Western, liberal, democratic country that owes much to its Christian heritage and ongoing traditions David Cameron states: “Denying any connection between the religion of Islam and the ­extremists doesn’t work … it is an exercise in futility.”

Cameron also warns that those in the media and universities who refuse to criticise Islamic fundamentalism because they “look the other way through a mixture of misguided liberalism and cultural sensitivity” must name ­Islamic-inspired terrorism for what it is, instead of being politically correct.

Source: We need to teach our kids that West is best | DailyTelegraph

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