Teacher duct-taped Judson ISD student to chair

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action_steps_logoA teacher and a teacher’s aide resigned from Woodlake Elementary School last week after admitting that they duct-taped a second-grader to his chair because he was being too rambunctious, officials said.

Judson Independent School District spokesman Steve Linscomb said the district was alerted about the incident Thursday afternoon and launched an investigation.

“Those were pretty incredible allegations,” he said.

The teacher and the aide admitted that they restrained the boy with duct tape, and both resigned in lieu of termination, Linscomb said.

“The student, in their opinion, had gotten too rambunctious and rowdy, and they said that he would not stay in his seat, so that’s what they did,” Linscomb said. “That obviously is not the way to take care of it, but that’s what they did.”

The teacher had been with Judson since August 2010. The aide began working there in November, Linscomb said.

A Judson ISD police report notes that the student described having his ankles and wrists bound before tape was wrapped around his torso to secure him to a chair.

Police found a partially-used roll of duct tape on the teacher’s desk and what appeared to be duct tape adhesive residue on the student’s clothing.

Linscomb said the police investigation is ongoing and, once completed, will be turned over to the Bexar County district attorney’s office for review.

via Teacher duct-taped Judson ISD student to chair – Houston Chronicle.

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