Teacher Forbids Student from Choosing Trump as Her Class Project Hero

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Actions by an educator who brought her own personal politics into a middle school classroom are met with outrage across the nation

A mother says her daughter was given a class assignment to choose a hero to write about — and she chose President Donald Trump.

But when the student turned in her project, the teacher wouldn’t accept it.

Bella Moscato, age 11, of Ronkokoma, New York, felt her choice of Trump as a hero was a no-brainer and that she would ace this assignment.

But the teacher brought her political feelings into this situation — and denied the student’s choice of the 45th president of the United States.

The teacher blamed Trump for spreading negativity across the nation and much more.

It seems the guidelines for this project didn’t include such boundaries as staying away from President Trump — so the girl thought she was on track to following the project’s instructions.

When sixth-graders at Samoset Middle School [in Long Island] were assigned to pick a hero on whom they would write a report, 11-year-old Bella Moscato said her choice was a no-brainer.

“Donald Trump is my hero,” she says.

The 45th U.S. president has been Bella’s idol since she was eight years old, which is why she dressed up as Trump for a third-grade class project. But Bella says when she told her sixth-grade teacher that Trump was her choice for the hero project, the teacher nixed the idea.

Bella says her teacher said Trump “spreads negativity and says bad stuff about women” in front of another teacher and students in the class.

The teacher told her to pick another hero. (source: News 12)

The girl’s father spoke out against the teacher’s actions.

“My daughter’s hero is the president of our country,” he said. “I can’t believe that anybody in the school would tell my daughter that that guy can’t be her hero.”

Kenneth Graham, Sachem Central School District Superintendent, gave this statement after the incident: “It is not accurate that this student was told that [she was] not allowed to conduct research or report on any individual for a school assignment, including President Trump. To the best of our knowledge, by choice, the student is still conducting [her] project on President Trump.”

If the teacher allowed free thinking, that child should have been allowed to pick anyone she wanted as her hero.

Now, if teachers wish to instruct children in a “think only as I think” approach — which unfortunately is where many public schools have gone — then the teacher should have made the assignment more selective.

Free thinking is gone. And too many kids are becoming lazier and more entitled because of teachers like this.

I thank God every day I taught my daughters to use their brains — and not to spew hatred, as this teacher did, simply because her choice for president of the United States lost an election and she can’t get over it.

The “ignorant and unlearned” liberals are so easy to identify by their parroting of the fake news media’s comments.

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com and is used by permission.

Source: Teacher Forbids Student from Choosing Trump as Her Class Project Hero

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