Is there a teacher who had a great impact upon your life?

Nov 4, 2014 by

Kenneth J. Bernstein – If so, you have a chance to honor them.  NPR is running a “contest” to name 50 great teachers.   Quoting from this website:

As my NPR Ed colleague Cory Turner puts it, “Teachers shape lives. And great teachers shape lives that shape the world.”So we’ll set out to find 50 of them and tell their stories. This won’t be some kind of contest to name the best teachers in America. Or a ranking that says this teacher is better than that one.

Instead we’ll use it to celebrate teachers past and present (mostly present), famous or not. We’ll be looking for personal stories about how a teacher can change the lives of students. Or just one student.

At the same time, we’ll use this project as an opportunity to do some reporting on what makes a great teacher, and how teaching can and should be be taught. And, we’ll take a hard look at the big question of What, exactly, is great teaching?

As we go forward, tell us about the great teachers you’ve known, the ones you think ought to make our list. Or send your own story about a great teacher in your life. We’ll read them over and pull some out and share them.

At a time when too many are attacking teachers, this is your chance to push back.Think of someone.

Honor them.

All of us who teach will thank you.

Is there a teacher who had a great impact upon your life?.

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