Teacher-prep programs zero in on effective ‘practice’

Mar 26, 2013 by

BOSTON — One thing is immediately apparent when Erica Vuolle teaches: Not a moment of time is wasted.

When she speaks to her class here at the Match Community Day Charter Public School, she expects all students’ eyes to track hers. When she poses a question and a student answers it correctly, she asks the child to explain her reasoning. When a student gives an answer that’s only halfway complete, she presses him to finish it. When she gives directions, students repeat them back in full, so that expectations are clear.

What’s not immediately apparent from the ease with which Ms. Vuolle handles the room is that this is only her second time teaching a full class. She’s among the 40 teachers-in-training at the Match Teacher Residency, a teacher education program run by the Boston-based Match Education, a nonprofit charter-management organization that requires candidates to practice and master a repertoire of specific competencies before they lead a full classroom.

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