Teacher Suspended for Having Black and White Students Reenact Mike Brown Shooting

Aug 21, 2014 by

“…they are teaching these children to hate one another…”

A teacher at an Alabama middle school has reportedly been suspended after children in her class were made to act out the police shooting of Ferguson, Mo., teenager Michael Brown.

The “absurd” classroom activity was revealed by the mother of one of the students allegedly via a Facebook post, which detailed how the teacher chose a white child to play the role of Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson and a black child to act out the role of Mike Brown, with the teacher having students research where and how many times he was shot.

Here’s one purported version of the post, as uploaded to an online forum:

I am absolutely shocked by what my 6th grade child come home telling me that happened in school(Brantley Elementary). His teacher made them reenact the two current shooting of the young black male’s… The white students had to play the police officer. She even has them get on the internet and research how many times the young man was shot where he was shot at. That is absurd to me then you turn around and make them reenact every bit of it including the shooting…Then sit in class and tells them our black children can not walk in their own neighborhood without white people shooting them and she hated to sound racist but whatever…. Sounds like someone’s racist to me, and to me they are teaching these children to hate one another when we’re supposed to be teaching them to love one another…

The school’s interim superintendent, Don Willingham, stated he met with the school’s principal, the teacher in question and the parent, and has decided the matter requires further investigation.

“I did put the teacher on administrative leave with pay today, because we wanted to do the investigation,” Dallas County Schools Superintendent Don Willingham said, according to the Selma Times Journal. “That’s standard procedure.”

Brown’s shooting has prompted protests across the nation, with minorities claiming they are being systematically targeted by police. There has also been much criticism over police use of force and the militarization of America’s police forces.

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