Teacher unexpectedly gives birth on sidewalk outside middle school, principal coaches her through it

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A sixth grade Denver middle school teacher gave birth prematurely at school last Tuesday.

Kind of …

To be honest, Lindsay Agbalokwu, 33, actually gave birth just outside the school, as in literally on the school ground’s concrete sidewalk. Granted, at least she didn’t give birth while comatose.

Of course, this hadn’t been how she’d hoped to give birth to her second child. But sometimes things happen.

Below is a Facebook photo of Agbalokwu with her husband:

Speaking with Yahoo News over the weekend, she said that on the morning of September 3, exactly 14 days prior to her expected due date, she woke up with really bad cramps but wrote them off as just minor contractions (as opposed to contractions at gunpoint).

She then drove to work at Denver’s DSST: Conservatory Green Middle School hoping for the best.

“In the classroom, the pain went from zero to 100,” she told Yahoo.

That left her with one option — to get to the hospital, and get to it quick, assuming there was even enough time (foreshadow: there wasn’t!).

And so with the help of principal Natalie Lewis and dean of students Chris Earls, she trotted outside and debated whether to call her mother.

But by then, it was already too late.

“Then all of a sudden, it was just so much pressure and pain, I was like, ‘I think she’s coming now! I think we need to just call 911,’” she explained in a separate interview with local station KMGH.

And so they did, but as they waited for emergency officials to arrive, her colleague Marissa Kast retrieved a sleeping bag from her car and laid it down on the sidewalk for Agbalokwu.

“I lay down and we put the dispatcher on speaker phone, who started giving delivery instructions to Natalie and Chris,” Agbalokwu said.

After a few “terribly painful minutes” of coached delivery, as she described them, a fire truck reportedly pulled up and emergency officials took over.

“Baby Zara was born immediately and the mother and daughter were driven to the hospital. Agbalokwu is now home with Zara, her husband, and their 17-month-old son,” Yahoo notes.

Below is a Facebook photo of Agbalokwu with her mother and first child:

“I was in so much pain, I didn’t care that these people are my bosses — they are both parents,”  Agbalokwu said. “They were my support people.”

As for Zara, she has some predictions about her.

“When she was ready, she just said, ‘Boom. I’m coming out,’” Agbalokwu said to KMGH. “I think it will be indicative of her personality to come. That she will be a firecracker. She’s going to do great things.”

Perhaps she’ll grow up to be like Fox News host Dana Perino, a woman who too is quite the firecracker.

But you’re mistaken if you think young Zara and her older counterpart are the only female firecrackers in this world, for there’s also Gaia Realina of Osoyoos, British Columbia. This impatient young lady reportedly wound up being born on a highway — yes, a highway.

“We were going to my midwife’s house because we were going to have a home birth, as we had done with our two year old daughter Martina,” Realina’s mother, Carolynn Chin, said to the Campbell River Mirror after the August 2 birth.

The problem is they’d timed the birth wrong, in part because of the past troubles they’d had.

“She explained that during her first pregnancy, she and Franc had been turned back three times for arriving at their midwife’s home too soon during labour, since little Martina wasn’t quite ready to arrive,” the Mirror reported.

“The early labour was long, there was at least two hours where I was having contractions but they were still far apart, so they say don’t go to your birthing place yet. But once my water broke it was like zero to 60,” she herself said. “Within two hours after my water breaking Gaia was born.”

Born on Highway 97, though Lord knows her husband tried to take them all the way to the midwife.

“I wanted to pull over at the bottom of the hill, before the passing lanes after OK Falls, since the head was coming, I could feel it,” she explained. “I told my husband that he should pull over and he said to just hold on a little longer. So we got up the hill, near that ranch after the passing lane, and the baby’s head was out so I said, ‘Franc, that’s enough honey! We made it as far as we could.’”

Apparently, being a firecracker baby is the new trend, though not all firecrackers have the great sense of timing that Chicago’s Julian Lopez does.

How good is his timing? He decided to be born as his mother was sitting in the backseat of a car parked right in front of a local fire station.

Now THAT’S good timing.

Learn more below:

Source: WGN

Source: Teacher unexpectedly gives birth on sidewalk outside middle school, principal coaches her through it

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