Why teacher unions hated Hillary Clinton when she was Arkansas First Lady

Nov 21, 2015 by

— Hillary was booed by teachers when she showed up at education forums as Arkansas First Lady to pitch her proposal. “I believe the governor’s teacher testing bill has done inestimable damage to the Arkansas teaching profession and to the image of this state,” Peggy Nabors, the president of the Arkansas Education Assn, wrote in a 1983 letter to her members. She called it “a radical departure from what educators or the makers of standardized test themselves believe is appropriate or fair.” She added that the proposal “represents the final indignity” and closed by urging teachers to “make a contribution to political candidates who will support a more progressive education program.”

— Hillary assiduously courted and won the endorsement of the two big teacher unions this year: the AFT and the NEA.
She’s disappointed liberals in the education reform movement by trashing charter schools, of which she used to be supportive. The Wall Street Journal editorial board last week accused her of being bought off: “Mrs. Clinton’s charter reversal suggests her Education Department would be a wholly owned union subsidiary.”

Source: The Daily 202: Why teacher unions hated Hillary Clinton when she was Arkansas First Lady – The Washington Post

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