Teachers’ Helpers: Top Tech Tools and Apps for Busy Educators

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Technology is changing the way we do a lot of things, and teaching is one of the professions that’s benefitting from apps and tech tools the most. From juggling workloads to enhancing lessons for students, here are some of the top apps for teachers:


To bring the classroom to life, many teachers are now looking towards augmented reality. This popular tool can enrich lessons, providing students with the inspiration they need to progress their studies. Aurasma allows you to create trigger images that students can scan to find out more. For example, one image might turn into a helpful lecture that tells them more about the topic of their choice. Or, if they’re struggling with a topic, the app can take them straight to a website that will help them to grasp it.

Call Recorder for Me

To help teachers remember those all-important details, this app from Apalon Apps allows them to record key conversations they’ve had. Whether they need to remember some specifics about a teacher training course they’re going on, or they need to remember directions to another school, this app helps them to record key pieces of information. This removes the need for jotting things down on paper, which they could subsequently lose.


To keep communication channels open between students, parents, and teachers, Edmodo provides a social media channel for the classroom. Teachers are able to create an account before inviting parents and students to join them. This is a great place for making announcements, opening up discussions or creating a collaborative place where everyone can get involved. Removed from standard social media channels, this provides a private space for educators, students and their parents to connect.


Unfortunately, plagiarism is rife in the education industry, which is why it’s important teachers are constantly checking their students’ work for copied pieces. To help make this much easier, PlagScan is a tool which allows teachers to scan their students’ work to see if anything has been copied from elsewhere. It’s then up to the teacher to decide whether it’s an innocent mistake or an intentional attempt at cheating.


Aimed at bringing education to everyone, Versal enables teachers to create interactive online courses for their students. This is perfect if an educator wants to produce a course that can be done in a student’s own time, or they want to create something they can use for a number of different groups of students. The courses can contain 3D models, interactive elements, and videos along with a whole host of other forms of content. It even allows teachers to upload content they’ve already produced somewhere else or from other sources on the Internet.

In today’s world, it’s quite clear there’s an app for almost everything, and that’s most definitely the case for teachers. Removing the traditional methods of connecting with others, organizing their time or creating lessons, these forward-thinking apps allow teachers to jump straight into the 21st century.

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