Teachers, legislators weigh in as common core approval rates dip

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As annual approval rates for the Common Core educational initiative dip, teachers and legislators are weighing in on the educational standards.

Students will continue to test as part of the Common Core curriculum this year. Common Core is an educational standard that mandates the curriculum and outlines what children should know at the end of each school year.

The initiative has received a lot of national criticism, but 43 states have adopted the common core, and Montana is one of them.

Allie McFarland teaches Social Studies and English at C.S. Porter Middle School in Missoula. She thinks the Common Core adds rigor to her curriculum.

“I think it goes deeper. I think in the past we’ve tried to cover a very broad general area,” said McFarland.

NBC Montana asked her how her lesson plans have changed as a result of the Common Core. She says she has her students add an argumentative essay about whether George Washington was a true American hero. The new curriculum requires her students bring in evidence, claims and counter-claims to support their arguments.

Not everyone advocates for the Common Core curriculum. State Sen. Roger Webb said the standards are limiting.

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