Most Teachers Oppose Obama Anti-School Discipline Policies

Aug 28, 2015 by

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As Illinois passes sweeping anti-discipline school changes to conform to federal mandates, a poll found most teachers oppose such policies, which prevent them from suspending unruly minorities at high rates.

Their opposition is sensible. Yes, it’s a shame black students tend to have to spend more time outside the classroom than other students for infractions. But teachers have a right to demand a safe working environment. And more and more unions are backing them up.

Several large urban school districts have reported increases in threats and violence against teachers since January 2014, when the Obama administration warned them they could lose federal funding, and even be sued, if they didn’t soften discipline policies to cut “racial disparities” in suspensions.

Now the first national polling on the issue finds a solid majority — 59% — of teachers oppose “federal policies that prevent schools from expelling or suspending black or Hispanic students at higher rates than other students.”

The Harvard-sponsored poll, with some 4,000 responding across the country, also found that 53% of parents don’t like Washington’s anti-discipline push.

Parents naturally want their kids to learn in a safe and quiet environment free of bullying and criminal behavior. It’s not just nonminority children who are hurt. Many minorities complain they’re often distracted by rowdy behavior, including violent outbursts, in classrooms and hallways.

Even Democrats aren’t big fans of the Obama policy. Only 29% of them support the new federal rules, which are based on the liberal theory that any policy that has a “disparate impact” on a minority group is on its face racist, even if the policy is color blind and applied evenly with no intent to discriminate.

A major 2014 study refutes the left’s theory. It found that racial disparities in student discipline result not from racism but from more frequent misbehavior primarily by black students.

We expect teacher, parent and public opposition to softer discipline policies to grow as more violence and chaos erupt in schools. Yet the movement for softer discipline is picking up steam.

On Monday, Republican Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed into law a statewide measure ending “zero tolerance” suspensions and expulsions. It also requires schools to try touchy-feely alternatives, such as “restorative justice,” to kicking bad kids out of classrooms.

Though well-intended, the anti-discipline trend will lead only to more good teachers fleeing inner-city schools and more minority kids failing to get the education they deserve.

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