Teachers and parents criticise ‘robotic’ software-generated school reports

Jul 18, 2015 by

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As children across the country receive their end-of-year school report, teachers highlight lack of time to write truly personal reports

The end-of-year school report, prized and feared by children and parents alike, is no longer quite what it seems.

Once a personal document, handwritten in ink with individual comments, today your child’s report is more likely to have been generated by software.

As parents around the country this week pore over their child’s record of achievement for the year, for many there is disappointment at the formulaic nature of much of the comment – and some embarrassing mistakes.

One mother’s nine-year-old daughter opened her report to find that her teacher had got her gender wrong on three separate occasions. “It was a good report, and it understood my child,” she said.

“But it was undermined by the mistakes, and I felt sad for my child that she would see this and know that at that moment the teacher was not thinking of her.

Source: Teachers and parents criticise ‘robotic’ software-generated school reports | Education | The Guardian

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