Teachers, others speak out

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“I thought that with my first time teaching in a charter school that I would gain experience. But I left it exhausted, tired, having more (second) thoughts about being a teacher. … They don’t give you freedom.”

Sahar Ghawazi,former charter teacher now working on a master’s degree at Wayne State University

“My overall experience is very positive. I believe charters were created to give families choices. Not every student’s academic needs are met at their neighborhood school. In many cases, charter schools are the best option.”

Nicole Hopkins,teacher at Arts Academy in the Woods

“We’re all here for the same reason, and that’s the kids. I’ve never seen teachers who care about the students like I’ve seen here. These are wonderful kids coming from the most poverty-stricken places.”

Mary Dyer,science teacher at Michigan Collegiate Middle/High School in Warren

“Generally, there are smaller class sizes and more emphasis on individualized learning. … Charter schools can be more creative, more innovative.”

Janet McDonald,a charter advocate whose children have attended charters

“Choice is only choice on a level playing field. The parents who have the least knowledge about schools, the least time, the least ability to transport their children, are going to have less opportunity to make the choices. That leaves the local school more populated by kids whose parents really don’t have the resources to support them. We know that is really detrimental to kids’ learning.”

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