Teachers union boss threatens violence against Common Core critics

Aug 12, 2014 by

A real madman and jerk to boot!

According to a video posted Monday at Progressives Today, Michael Mulgrew, president of the New York teachers union, threatened physical violence against critics of Common Core, telling members of the American Federation of Teachers he would punch Common Core opponents in the face. Pat Kane said the audience responded with “thunderous applause.”

He told the crowd attending last month’s conference in California that “if someone takes something from me I’m going to grab it right back out of their cold, twisted, sick hands and say it is mine!” Shortly thereafter, he issued his threat.

“I’m going to punch you in the face and and push you in the dirt because this is the teachers!” he screamed. “You do not take what is mine!”

The video shows the entire room cheering, clapping and standing in agreement with Mulgrew’s violent threats. The debate moderator is then seen sporting a a wide grin and offering a hearty laugh.

“Wherever you stand on this the passion in the room about our profession is unbelievable!” she said. “Thank you, AFT!”

Despite the resounding show of support for Mulgrew’s call to violence, Kane said many left the room disturbed by what they had heard. One audience member who wished to remain anonymous called it “scary,” adding that others said Mulgrew “shouldn’t be around children.”

The Daily Caller said Mulgrew’s violent outburst was part of a debate over a mundane resolution calling on the union to continue supporting Common Core implementation. But Mulgrew had more to say about critics of the controversial standards.

“I’ve heard the stories about how Eli Broad, Bill Gates, Joel Klein and a flying saucer full of Martians designed these things to brainwash us all,” he said of critics. A post at Ed Notes Online said Mulgrew’s comments were part of an hour-long debate. Video of Mulgrew’s threat can be seen above.

via Teachers union boss threatens violence against Common Core critics – National Policy & Issues | Examiner.com.

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