Teachers urge parents to help implement Common Core – in their home life!

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WAUKESHA, Wis. – Three teachers from Bethesda Elementary in suburban Milwaukee are proposing to take Common Core to a whole new level, by having parents implement the standards at home.

The teachers, writing at their “Our 5th Grade Blog!” said, “While Common Core is no longer new for us, it is a good to re-visit how it has strengthened learning in the classroom. Additionally, it is important to have our families understand how things look and ways to support the Common Core at home.”

The teachers are actually suggesting the new way of learning should now impact the interaction between parents and children in their own household.

Some of the tips include:

  • “Ask why when children tell you they want something or want to do or not do something.”
  • “Use the word because after ‘No’ or ‘Not tonight…’”
  • “Explain & discuss issues or problems in your house, neighborhood, & community. Brainstorm solutions.”
  • “Compare how things are alike and different – videos, movies, food.”
  • “Describe & categorize stuff.”

The roll out of Common Core has been rocky at best. A recent poll of Maryland teachers found only nine percent believe their school will have “the technological and physical capacity to administer” Common Core-aligned tests.

Numerous states – now including Mississippi, Massachusetts and New York – are considering pausing the implementation of Common Core, or scrapping it altogether.

But now some teachers want parents to go all the way and alter their personal lives to reflect the new standards. If schools can’t get their act together, why foist the disaster on parents?

Teachers urge parents to help implement Common Core – in their home life! – EAGnews.org powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc..

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