Teaching English Abroad – What You Need to Know

Apr 24, 2019 by

Teaching is one of those jobs that you can take on the road quite easily; the essential skills are similar wherever you teach. This is good news because it means you can earn money teaching while you travel to parts of the planet that you have always wanted to visit.

Teaching English abroad is one of the most popular ways of doing this. You do not have to be a qualified teacher in order to teach English as a foreign language. However, you may find that you need specific qualifications, depending on where in the world you want to travel.

Do you need a degree to teach English abroad?

The truth is that having a degree can be a big help in gaining a position teaching English, that brings a decent level of pay. However, there are places where having a degree is not essential. Let’s look at this in more detail.

There are many countries, such as those in the Persian Gulf and many Asian countries, where you will need a full degree if you want to teach. Other countries are also starting to become more demanding when it comes to what qualifications you need. For instance, if you want to teach English in Taiwan, you are likely to need at least a college diploma. However, there are some places where it’s not necessary to have this type of qualification, if you want to teach English as a foreign language.

Where to teach English abroad if you do not have a degree

If you want to teach English in a foreign country, there are places where you can do this without having a degree or a college diploma. Most of the places where you will find this is the case lie in areas such as Eastern Europe and Latin America. In some of these areas, you will find that you simply need to have a good grasp of English to teach.

However, in many countries, it’s essential to have a TEFL qualification. Even in countries where this is not a requirement, individual schools can insist that their teachers have this qualification. This is why it makes sense to take a reputable TEFL course, before you set off on your travels. Having this qualification gives you a better chance of finding work.

Teaching English as a foreign language is an excellent way of developing teaching expertise at the same time as seeing the world. It’s a good idea to look for potential work opportunities before you travel. You need to find opportunities that are a good fit for your circumstances. For example, if you have a degree you will find that the range of opportunities is wider. There are options out there, even if you are not college educated. If this is the case, it’s a good idea to get a TEFL qualification before carefully researching parts of the world where you are likely to have the best opportunity of finding work.

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