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There are many success stories when it comes to technology in the classroom. Although parents and teachers need to teach basic safety tips when it comes to using tech, the truth is that for those people who believe that introducing technology into the classroom is far too dangerous, there are in fact a vast number of ways that technology can improve the education of their children, can improve the resources of teachers, and allows positive benefits to the schools themselves. In an increasingly digital society, looking at the role of tech in the classroom is vital to children, parents and teachers alike.

For students

Children are great with technology. It’s why there are age-old jokes about pre-teens helping the older generation to set the timer on their smartphones. Whether we like it or not, kids pick up the basics of digital media incredibly quickly, whether it’s a PlayStation game or doing their homework on the family laptop. Introducing technology into the classroom can improve engagement, knowledge retention, and can even encourage independent learning. Children love using technology, and their eagerness can make their education more fun. Not that it should replace other core lessons, but introducing technology at an early age and keeping them up to date on the changing tech-world, can make a positive impact on their education and future.

For teachers

Educational software resources are prolific, and as more and more teachers learn to recognize the benefits of technology in the classroom, so they make their own impact felt more. By incorporating tech in their lessons, teachers can add to the classes’ learning potential by adding variety to lessons. Whether it’s iPads, laptops or Smart Boards, schools like North Bridge House give their students a solid foundation that utilizes technology without relying on it. With teachers able to improve classroom engagement by using tech, it’s easy to see why more and more are integrating it into their lesson plans.

For parents

There is seemingly no end to the benefits of technology for parents. From the easy access of information regarding class topics to the ease of checking grades online, the internet has made it significantly easier for parents to follow the progress of their children via school websites and apps. Even social media has been able to play a role, with schools using Twitter and Facebook to alert families about school closures, special events, and fundraising activities. This connectedness allows parents to play more of a role in the education of their children and forges a link between families and the schools. With parental involvement in their child’s school life proven to be a key element in their education, technology has provided the means to do that easily, and as a result, the parents, the children and the schools themselves are able to work together to generate the maximum potential.

As the future looks set to integrate technology into more and more of our daily lives, introducing it to the classroom should not be something to fear. Instead, it should be considered to be a vital element in the education of children, so that they are not left behind as they progress through the school system.

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