Ted Cruz – Two Dynamic Podcasts – Not Boring

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“Ted Cruz – Two Dynamic Podcasts – Not Boring ”

By Donna Garner



For those people who like to get their news by way of podcasts, here are two dynamic podcasts that will not put people to sleep! 


Podcast #1 is an interview with Ted Cruz on C-SPAN (6.18.15). The podcast is fun to listen to because Cruz tells many poignant and personal moments from his own life – no canned questions and replies – just good, honest dialogue.


Podcast #2 occurred yesterday (.6.23.15) when Ted Cruz took the courageous position that even though he believes strongly that free trade benefits America, he still cannot vote for TPA because of all the cronyism and backroom deals that have been uncovered and verified by newly released Wikileaks.  The amendment that Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions tried so hard to attach to the TPA would have kept Obama from negotiating new immigration deals; but that amendment was killed in the Senate and weakened in the House. 

Today in the Senate, Ted Cruz was one of 38 who voted against TPA; but it passed with 60 votes anyway.  TPA now goes to Obama for his signature.  The TPPP has not been finalized yet; that battle will be for another day.



6.18.15 – C-SPAN — Road to the White House – Conversation with Ted Cruz


VIDEO LINK:  http://www.c-span.org/video/?c4541653/ted-cruz-interview






6.23.15 – Ted Cruz interviewed by Mark Levin on ObamaTrade


VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpRYPBlOZy0



Donna Garner


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