Ted Cruz and Two Horrendous Murders

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“Ted Cruz and Two Horrendous Murders”

By Donna Garner

2.3.16 (republished on 2.5.16)



In all fairness, we Texans have had a sizeable advantage over the rest of the country because we have followed Ted Cruz’s life and career for many years. 


What makes many of us Texans value Ted Cruz so highly is because of his proven record to stand for the Constitution even if it means alienating other people.


We Texans well remember the horrible crime committed by illegal immigrant José Ernesto Medellín in 1993. Two innocent girls, 14-year old Jennifer Ertman and 16 year-old Elizabeth Peña, were walking home in Houston and decided they would take a shortcut through a secluded area. José and members of his “Black and White” street gang captured and repeatedly raped and murdered both girls. At José’s trial, the details of his handwritten confession indicated that after the girls were raped, he stomped on the neck of one girl and strangled her with a belt. The other girl was strangled with a shoelace: José held one end of the shoelace while another boy held the other end, watching while it cut into the girl’s throat.


José was convicted and sentenced to death, but that is not the end of the story.


In 2004 while President George W. Bush was in the White House and Condoleezza Rice was the Secretary of State, the judicial arm of the United Nations (a.k.a., International Court of Justice, World Court) decided that José’s case should be reopened because he had not been informed by the police of his right to contact his consulate even though José had lived as an illegal immigrant in the U. S. almost all of his life!


Gov. Greg Abbott was the Texas Attorney General at the time, and Ted Cruz was his Solicitor General whose job as lawyer for the state of Texas was to defend the laws and the Constitution of the State of Texas and represent Texas in litigation.  Both Gov. Abbott and Ted Cruz agreed that the World Court had no right to subject state and federal courts to the authority of the United Nations.


Unfortunately, because of particular political circumstances at the time, President Bush, Condoleezza Rice, and the U. S. Solicitor General Paul Clement (all Republicans and all people Ted Cruz respected highly) decided that Texas should obey the World Court’s decision. This would have meant that José Ernesto Medellín, a rapist, torturer, and murderer of two young girls, could have been set free.


Gov. Abbott agreed that Ted Cruz should go before the U. S. Supreme Court to plead Texas’ case, saying that no President – not even a friend and fellow Republican – should be allowed to defy the Constitution by allowing the UN World Court to bind the courts of the United States.  


Strong forces were gathered against Ted Cruz – opposing legal briefs from 90 foreign nations, the European Union, experts on the World Court, the American Bar Association, and one of the biggest law firms in the world that represented José Medellín.


After using amazing strategies, Ted Cruz was able to convince six out of eight members of the U. S. Supreme Court to vote his way even though it meant he had to stand against his friends and members of his own Republican Party (e.g., Pres. Bush, Ms. Rice, and Paul Clement).


On Aug. 5, 2008 at 9:48 P. M., José Ernesto Medellín was put to death while the families of both Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Peña were there as witnesses.


The case of Medellín proved that the UN has no authority whatsoever to bind the United States and that no President – Republican or Democrat – has the Constitutional authority to subvert U. S. sovereignty.


Knowing this about Ted Cruz’s courage under fire, we Texans were not one bit surprised when he went into Iowa, the “ethanol subsidies state”;  and instead of campaigning to get votes by supporting the ethanol subsidies as so many of the other candidates did, Ted Cruz carefully and patiently explained why all subsidies end up helping lobbyists and hurting farmers.



This short video demonstrates why Ted Cruz needs to be the next President of the United States because he has the courage to stand strong for the conservative values that have made America great.  He also has the ability to articulate that position to other people:   


1.31.16 — LINK TO 7.31 MINUTE YOUTUBE — Watch Ted Cruz Get Ambushed By Angry Iowa Farmer, Then Turn Him Around:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oi5IZ9StVUI

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  1. Laury Roach

    Ted Cruz does have some good qualities. That being said, he’s too slick for me. Having spent most of my adult life as an activist in my community, I can spot bs a mile away. He is not a Texan anyway.

  2. A conservative

    Please fact check Governor was Rick Perry.

  3. Rick Harter

    No other candidate that was running for the Presidency ever mentioned the constitution except Ted during the debates and he did it repeatedly. He went before the Supreme Court 9 times to fight for our rights and won. He fought to keep the Veteran’s Cross in the Mojave Desert in California and won. H fought to keep a Ten Commandments display in front of a court building and won.

  4. I had planned to vote for Ted Cruz. I will write him in. I think he is the most qualified to serve as President of the United States.

  5. pmshop

    I loved very close to where this happened. Thank you Ted Cruz. But with that being said, you are a LIAR about the ethonol subsidies. What you told this farmer, you totally contradicted later in a debate. Plus, you are promoting doing away with blend restrictions? So that E25 and E35 can be produced for automobiles? E25 and E35 fuels are not fit even for lawnmowers. It will eat the mechanical carburetor parts. E85, flex fuel, is bad enough. With 10% cut with ethanol gasoline, we do well if we can make a tank of gas last a week (5 round trips). We tried E85 for a month. A tank of gas would only last 3.5 days (3 round trips and have to fill up before coming home. WTF do you think E25 and E35 will do? And, I wonder how long 100% gas would last??? Sorry Cruz – Trump has been and will continue to kick your ass.

    • sandy

      You are a Liar just like trump. LyingTrump paid for most of his votes. You’re a Traitor. Ted stood for everything right. trump stood for everything wrong and evil.

      • Lee

        You are simply a hater and have absolutely no idea what you are spewing. It’s obviously coming from somewhere other than your mouth. Go live in some Socialist country (Venezuela comes to mind) and let this country heal after 8 long years of lawless tyranny.

    • sandy

      Ted Cruz is the MAN. he is the best and trump is a Liar,cheater and a coward.

  6. Mike

    Ted Cruz all the way… Trump is a Trojan horse and the top of the cesspool for which Hillary is the bottom…

  7. Donna Poter

    I’m voting for Trump but this is one of the first really nice things that I have heard about Ted Cruz. Good to know and I’m o glad that those men got what was coming to them.I really believe that I want to give Trump a chance but if Ted is the one I will think on him or not at all. I don’t want a democrat that is for sure!Trump is the one I really want. They don’t tell us about the good things enough. Did you know what Trump did when Jennifer Hudson’s family was killed. He flew her and her relatives to make funeral arangements and she and her relatives were put up for free in the Trump hotel. He did whatever he could to help her. I thought that was prety nice too but no one tells these things only the bad. It is good to hear the good things too.

  8. Deborah PELTON

    Ted Cruz will be a great American president.
    If not him, then Trump. No Hillary.

  9. R.B.Bryce

    I remember this case well. I was an 11 year Patrolman with the Houston Police Department when it occured..The sadistic, violent manner in which these young girls died affected us all. Ted Cruz stood up against not only The President of the United States, The Secretary of State, who were BOTH HIS FREINDS. .But he stood strong against the United Nations and 90 separate countries and argued for the ABSOLUTE SOVEREIGNTY OF THIS COUNTRY against foriegn intervention into sovereign matters of the individual states.. AND WON…. This man, Cruz. .is the real bonified deal.. a true man of principal and conviction..

  10. Geoffry Feinberg

    I don’t agree with Mr. Cruz or his positions, though I think he believes he is doing whats right. I’m pretty sure Trump will best him since he himself is quite polarizing. I am no fan of Clinton and the dynasty she and her husband have created and are continuing in DC…in the end the house and Senate will effectively neuter any president elect and contemporary politics in the US will flounder…truly unfortunate. Keep the process alive and vote with your heart and mind and hopefully God will help our country and world move towards peaceful, equitable negotiations regarding world affairs.

    • WriterofWrongs

      To not agree with Ted Cruz or his positions is to not agree with our Constitution or Bill of Rights. Well, because it still is a free country sort of, you have the right to LEAVE IT. So do tell, why do you hate the constitution and what parts do you not agree with?

  11. Glen

    Ted is Cruz is the most qualified perso. We hAve had in 50 years… Rock on Ted

  12. Jerrilinn Folz

    I am voting for Trump. Not because of what he did but instead of what he will do for America and our veterans.

    • Connie

      or so you think he will do ….. check out his track record …. I am not against Trump , but I am for Ted Cruz ….We need a decent, hard working constitutionalist in the WH that has been filled with hate & racism for too long by the current inhabitant ….We need a man that actually listens to WE THE PEOPLE ….. not someone that is in it for what he can get out of it …. we need a man that can deal with adversity without throwing temper tantrums & acting like a child with a foul mouth & making comments that are completely off the wall ….and we need someone that will not offend dignitaries and can command respect from all people …..

    • Shari

      And what exactly is that?

  13. Neil Harding

    Ted ensured child rapist was justly executed for his crime, and Hillary ensured another child rapist was freed to possibly rape again, I know who I want in charge.


  14. Barbara Mueller

    It is a.perfect example of the skill of Mr. Cruz. He has courage and is committed to following the U.S.Constitution.
    “When you are right, go ahead.”

  15. steve

    so glad that monster was caught and put to death.. we as a society , as long as it’s a clear cut case should have no tolerance for people that hard the innocent especially minors

    • Ash Redmond

      Our problem is how many more monsters are here and those who will come. Maybe Ted Cruz the president can do something to stop them. The details of the murder/torture of two innocent school girls are hard to read but there are so many more across our country. They are stories that the mainstream media refuses to publicize but YOU can access them at immigrationshumancost.org Please go read them and get a feel of what obama’s open border poicy is doing. We have plenty of criminals born here – we don’t need to import even one more but we are letting thousands in every year.

  16. Starr Morrow

    This is a story few know. It was big at the time for those people that follow trials and murders but for the most who don’t, it is good to get it out there now. SENATOR CRUZ cannot be bought by his own party when it comes to the Constitution.

  17. don lindsay

    God bless Ted Cruz and the families of those two murdered girls