Ted Cruz – Quick News for Today

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“Ted Cruz – Quick News for Today”

By Donna Garner





1.14.16 – “Ted Cruz Explains the Non-Story About His Goldman Sachs Loan” 


LINK TO 53 SECOND VIDEO:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XC1cEONKXig




1.11.16 – “Ted Cruz – Sovereignty”








1.13.16 – “Donald Trump’s Texas Director Leaves His Campaign” — By Peggy Fikac – MySanAntonio.com




Republican consultant Corbin Casteel left as Donald Trump’s state campaign director after a little more than three months on the job.


“I don’t know of anyone in the party who looks at him like a fellow Republican. He’s an entertainer,” Casteel said then. “I believe it’s a universal view that Donald Trump is a joke.”




1.12.16 – “Fox News Has Given Donald Trump Nearly $30 M in Free Airtime During the Presidential Campaign” – by Alvatore Colleluori – Media Mattershttp://mediamatters.org/blog/2016/01/12/fox-news-has-given-donald-trump-nearly-30-milli/207912


Fox News gave GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump at least $29.7 million in free airtime from May 2015 through the end of the year…

Trump was able to benefit from at least $29.7 million in free airtime on the network and broadcast his message to a total audience of 306,104,725, according to media monitoring service IQ Media.



1.14.16 – “Former Mike Huckabee Spokesperson Alice Stewart Joins Ted Cruz Campaign” — By Alex Swoyer – Breitbart –http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/01/04/former-mike-huckabee-spokesperson-alice-stewart-joins-ted-cruz-campaign/


Alice Stewart, formerly GOP presidential candidate former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s spokesperson, is now joining fellow GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R – TX – Conservative Review Score 97%)’s campaign.




1.3.16 – “Carson Campaign Finished, Reagan’s Top Strategist Says” – Newsmax



Ronald Reagan’s top political strategist has declared the presidential campaign of Ben Carson is essentially over.



1.13.16 – “Nightmare: Carson Campaign Hit with Catastrophic News…This May Be the End” — By V. Saxena – Conservative Tribunehttp://conservativetribune.com/nightmare-carson-campaign/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=WesternJournalism&utm_content=2016-01-14&utm_campaign=manualpost



Every paid staffer in 2016 GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson’s New Hampshire-based THE 2016 COMMITEEE super PAC walked out on their jobs this week in order to volunteer for challenger Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign…

This is a man [Ben Carson] we revere, but we think it is important that our party nominate a conservative and get behind a single conservative who can win…and we strongly believe that candidate is Ted Cruz.


Donna Garner


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