Ted Cruz Rates High on Education Issues

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Here is Ted Cruz’s record on education as put together by knowledgeable anti-Common Core proponents

“Ted Cruz Rates High on Education Issues”

By Donna Garner



I am very troubled over the few but wonderful anti-Common Core proponents who have chosen the wrong path in supporting Donald Trump because they mistakenly blame Ted Cruz for Common Core.


To be clear, Ted Cruz is not responsible that Common Core has made its way into the Texas public schools. Here is the full story of what happened in Texas to push Common Core into our schools. I know because I lived it. 


3.17.16 — “My Open Letter Back to Concerned Katy ISD Mother” — by Donna Garner — EdViews.org — http://www.educationviews.org/open-letter-concerned-katy-isd-mother/


By the time Cruz got to the U. S. Senate in 2012, Common Core had already permeated American public schools; and it was the U. S. House that should have stopped it in its tracks early-on because they had the power of the purse.  


  1. S. Rep. John Kline as chair of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce bears the real responsibility.  I and many others repeatedly told him over and over about the impending dangers of the Common Core Standards Initiative and begged him to lead the House to cut off the spending.  By cutting off the multi-millions of taxpayers’ dollars to pay for the development of the Common Core Standards Initiative (including the standards themselves) and to pay for the federal carrot-and-stick Race to the Top, the entire Common Core effort would have been stopped dead in its tracks.  Rep. John Kline not Sen. Ted Cruz should receive the voters’ wrath.  


Here is Ted Cruz’s record on education as put together by knowledgeable anti-Common Core proponents:   





3.14.16 – Republican Presidential Education Voter Guide:  http://www.flstopcccoalition.org/blog/republican-presidential-education-voter-guide.htm


8.19.15 – “The Pulse 2016 Report Card: Common Core” – by Emmett McGroarty — http://thepulse2016.com/emmett-mcgroarty/2015/08/19/thepulse2016-report-card-common-core/




Then there are those who criticize Sen. Ted Cruz for not voting on 3.14.16 when Dr. John B. King was brought up in the Senate to be confirmed as the new U. S. Sect. of Education.  Ted Cruz was locked in a crucial Super Tues. II battle to be held the next day on 3.15.16.  Leading up to that voting day, he was flying all around the country 24/7, hitting many widely scattered campaign rallies in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio. He simply could not be in D. C. and also be out on the campaign trail trying to encourage voters to vote for him in an effort to save America from the damage incurred under Obama.  


Besides that, Cruz knows that if he gets elected President, he is going to shut down the USDOE; and King would be out the door anyway under Cruz’s Republican administration.  The other Republican Senators (except for Rubio who was also out campaigning) had no excuse.  Certainly the other Republican Senators should have been front and center to vote against John King’s confirmation, and there is no excuse for the Republican Senators who chose not to vote at all.  This includes our own Texas Senator, John Cornyn.  It also includes Republican Senators Flake, Kirk, McCain, Portman, Sessions, and Toomey.


It goes without saying that those Republicans and Democrats who chose to vote FOR the confirmation of John King should be run out of Washington D. C. on a rail.http://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?congress=114&session=2&vote=00036




3.10.16 – “Ted Cruz on Common Core” – CNN Debatehttp://www.educationviews.org/ted-cruz-common-core-cnn-debate/



3.8.16 — “Cruz or Trump on Education Issues?” — By Donna Garner – EdViews.orghttp://www.educationviews.org/cruz-trump-education-issues/




2.2.16 — “Addressing Anita Hoge’s Concerns with Ted Cruz’s Positions on Education” – by  Donna Garner – EdViews.orghttp://www.educationviews.org/addressing-anita-hoges-concerns-ted-cruzs-positions-education/




Donna Garner


Source: Ted Cruz Rates High on Education Issues | Education News

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