Ted Cruz vs. Donald Trump on Common Core

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“Ted Cruz vs. Donald Trump on Common Core”

By Donna Garner




7.20.15 – The difference between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump on the Common Core is that Ted Cruz knew way back in 2010 – 2011 that CC was the Obama administration’s destructive plan to indoctrinate and dumb down America’s children.


Donald Trump seems to have had a sudden epiphany very recently about CCSI now that he is running for President.  “We the People” simply do not trust candidates who have sudden epiphanies because once elected, these people quickly turn into left-leaning compromisers.  Our state legislatures are full of  them and so is Congress.


The American people were fooled by Obama twice; we cannot elect another charlatan nor a Narcissist who only values people based upon their monetary worth.  Some of the greatest patriots in America are dirt poor.


What we need in the White House is someone with a proven record of consistent conservativism. Ted Cruz has that.  Just look on his website (https://www.tedcruz.org/) under “Proven Record.”


Here is Ted Cruz’s record on Common Core:     


7.16.15 – “Cruz Amendment To Gut Testing Mandate Fails” – Truth in American Education – http://truthinamericaneducation.com/elementary-and-secondary-education-act/cruz-amendment-to-gut-testing-mandate-fails/




7.15.15 — Sen. Mike Lee’s amendment would have allowed parents to opt children out of standardized tests – vote failed by 32 – 64; Ted Cruz, Rand Paul voted for Lee’s amendment, Rubio did not vote on it. http://www.educationviews.org/cruz-rand-vote-parental-opt-out-amendment-fails-roll-call-votes-senate-house/




5.7.15 — “Ted Cruz’s Fire in the Belly Against Common Core” — by Donna Garner – EdViews.org — http://www.educationviews.org/ted-cruzs-fire-belly-common-core/




Here is Donald Trump’s record on Common Core:


7.19.15 — “Where Was Donald Trump When We So Badly Needed Him on Common Core?”
by Donna Garner – EdViews.org — http://www.educationviews.org/donald-trump-badly-needed-common-core/




Donna Garner


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  1. Karen K

    Trump’s voting records were released; REGISTERED REPUBLICAN SINCE 1980. As for the fiasco called Common Core, where was Trump? At HOME, taking care of his business and family…he wasn’t in Office, wasn’t entrusted with the people’s interests like Cruz and Rubio were. Since becoming fed up enough, ANGRY enough, at the “establishment’s” persistent and destructive abuse of the PEOPLE that he decided to DO something about and run he has stated, from DAY ONE, that he will ABOLISH Common Core…and even the Department of Education. The Federal government has NO business in the affairs of a STATE’S educational system, so even the Department of Education is just another waste of tax payer monies!

  2. Ruth Rose

    “Educational opportunity thrives on choice, ingenuity, and diversity; the Department of Education squelches all three. Largely created as an outgrowth of Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society, the Department of Education has existed in its current form since 1980. Despite its stated aim to bring equal access to all, it has failed to close the gap between low-income communities and other communities, and instead has led to one-size-fits-all solutions imposed on millions of students with differing educational needs. Eliminating the Department of Education not only restores the states’ constitutional power and saves taxpayers billions of dollars, it returns decision-making to parents and local communities, and liberates students and teachers from a failed top-down approach. The growing federal role in education spurred by the Education Department has led to perverse mandates such as Common Core and counterproductive laws such as No Child Left Behind.

    We should repeal every word of Common Core. And, as President, I will direct the Secretary of Education to immediately end the federal government’s mandates that seek to force states to adopt this failed attempt at a universal curriculum.

    Even more broadly, we need to get the federal government out of education altogether. The Department of Education has the third largest discretionary budget in the federal government, and it provides 10 percent of funding for K-12 education. Yet, with that 10 percent share, it imposes significant requirements on states and schools, forcing them to submit to federal bureaucrats. Education has traditionally been a state matter; the people closest to students know them best – parents and teachers know far more than Washington bureaucrats – and we are already witnessing remarkable reforms by state and local governments to increase school choice and resist Common Core standards. We need to restore parent and student choice and remove federal barriers to children’s success.A Cruz Administration will eliminate the programs in the Department of Education that are wasteful, ineffective, and fail to achieve better student outcomes. We will perform a careful review of remaining programs to assess how best to return those responsibilities to state and local communities.

    The lion’s share of K-12 funding will be block granted to the states, including Title I funding and the Individuals with Disabilities Education program, while the Indian Education program and Federal Impact Aid will be transferred to existing departments. Pell Grants will also remain intact and can be transferred to the Treasury Department. This will result in higher quality education, more tailored to local needs, at a lower cost. The D.C. Public School Funding and the Opportunity Scholarship Program will persist because Washington D.C. is under the federal purview of Congress and it is constitutionally appropriate for those programs to continue to be overseen at a federal level. But those programs can be run by another department, and the Education Department can be shut down.

    Ineffective Spending: Since the Department’s inception in 1980, the federal government has spent nearly $1.5 trillion on education.
    It cost the U.S. $151,000 per student to put the graduating class of 2009 through public school; adjusted for inflation, that is nearly three times the amount we spent on the graduating class of 1970.
    Despite this outrageous spending, education outcomes have either stagnated or declined. The nation’s report card, first administered in 1992, shows that the disparity between white and black 12th grade reading scores has increased – showing African American students half a grade further behind their peers, and totaling a nearly three grade-level difference.

  3. Kendall Svengalis

    There is no reason not to trust Cruz. If anything, Cruz has proven that he can be counted on to do what he says based on his record in the Senate. If you have railed against the Washington establishment of Democrats and many go-along Republicans, Cruz is the one candidate who has consistently stood up for principle even though it aroused the animus of establishment types in his own party like John McCain. Trump’s record is HIGHLY questionable and opportunistic. On many issues hhe was AWOL until the last year. We need to resist becoming part of a cult of personality and become part of a cult of Constitutional Principles. Trump just doesn’t speak the language of principled constitutional and limited government conservatism. And how can we expect the consummate lobbyist and insider for his corporate interests, throwing money to politicians of both parties, to stand up against his compatriots in the lobbyist industry. His unprincipled stand on ethanol subsidies speaks volumes. Time to get behind the only consistent conservative in the race–Ted Cruz.

  4. natalie

    How can you trust Trump though? I was going to vote for him until I realized something. This man has absolutely no Republican background, much less conservative. Quite the opposite really, he has funded everything Democrat. He actually voted for Obama the SECOND TERM!! Only idiots did that. I give people a pass for the first term, but we all knew Obama was no good by 2012, except for Trump apparently. That was a deal breaker for me, Trump is putting on an act and fooling us all. He is and has always been a liberal. The only real republican/conservative/Christian on that stage is Cruz. He may be a career politician which turns a lot of us off, it turned me off as well at first. Give him a fair chance, don’t write him off yet. Cruz is the real deal. If we don’t bring God back into our country now then we’re sure to be lost. In my opinion that was the most important quality, who is bring Jesus into the white house with them? Cruz can revive us and bring us back to life, United as one.

    • Karen K

      I’m not electing a Preacher, or someone to “save” the souls of the people; I’m electing someone with the business know how to save the people’s ECONOMY and individual rights..ALL of them. Any man who invokes the “body of Christ” into something as mortal, and steeped in shadows, as a political election is nothing short of blasphemous. Funny how all his flowery prose about G-d ended when he left the Evangelical packed Iowa!

  5. Ned

    Frankly, I don’t trust Cruz. I have more trust in Trump who tackles the issues worrying legal Americans most – illegal immigration and related crime and jihadists. I am tired of CAREER POLITICIANS. Once they get in, life is corruption as usual at a new high. While a Senator is a good position,he has never run a STATE or a major COMPANY. Cruz has NO foreign experience – Trump does. Trump knows how to create jobs – Cruz doesn’t. Trump will adjust his opinions as new information comes forth. Cruz is wobbly on illegal immigration and doesn’t understand business. I don’t want a one trick pony like Cruz that I don’t entirely trust on other BIG issues. Cruz is probably a nice guy but he doesn’t have a record of success that I seek. Apparently Education View doesn’t like Trump and is starting to nitpick already.

    • Ruth Rose

      Being a Senator since 2013 hardly makes Ted Cruz a “career politician” but, even in that short time he has fought on the Senate floor against Democrats and against his own party – standing firm against amnesty – to name just one thing. Before you make up your mind, you might want to read his full immigration plan – please keep in mind – illegal crossing the border is a huge problem but 40% of the illegals came here legally – on VISAs and “overstayed” because the Federal Government doesn’t track them well. IMMIGRATION:
      Here’s a direct link to Ted Cruz’s immigration plan. (I know, it is long, it is specific, it covers so many areas of the problem and so many people would prefer a 10 second sound bite that makes them “feel good” but, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a president who actually SOLVES PROBLEMS?

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