Ted Cruz’s Fire in the Belly Against Common Core

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“Ted Cruz’s Fire in the Belly Against Common Core”

by Donna Garner



My husband and I attended a small meeting in 2011 when Sen. Ted Cruz was running for his U. S. Senate seat.  As a retired classroom teacher, my plan was to explain to Cruz how the Obama administration planned to take over the public schools of America through the Common Core Standards Initiative (CCSI).  


Thinking Cruz would be just like so many other politicians who have been asleep about CCSI while it has been sweeping over our country since 2009, I started in on my explanation.  Almost immediately Ted Cruz began to agree with me vociferously and quickly let all of us know that he was totally familiar with CCSI and its damaging effects.  


As a man whose father was imprisoned and tortured under a Cuban dictator, Ted Cruz recognized way back in 2011 that CCSI was unconstitutional and was an attempt by the Obama administration to steal the hearts, minds, and souls of America’s youth.  


Through his father’s experiences, Ted Cruz understood what indoctrination by a dictator does; and he grasped personally how important it is for politicians to honor and listen to the genuine concerns of grassroots citizens.  Ted Cruz would never make fun of the “soccer moms” the way the Obama administration has done.


What we so appreciate about Ted Cruz in comparison with the other potential and/or announced Republican Presidential candidates is that Cruz knew almost instantaneously upon learning about Obama’s Common Core Standards Initiative (CCSI) that it had little to do with academic achievement and all to do with the indoctrination of America’s school children:


[The arrows mean “lead(s) to.”]

National standards →  National assessments →  National curriculum → National teacher evaluations with teachers’ salaries tied to students’ test scores → Teachers teaching to the test each and every day → National indoctrination of our public school children →  National database of students and teachers containing personally intrusive information


When weighing Presidential candidates against one another, we have always found it best to research candidates’ positions BEFORE they decided to run for President.  Unfortunately, many of them seem to have “epiphanies” once they start to build their base of potential voters.  We have learned not to trust these sudden “epiphanies” which many times seem to vanish once these politicians get into office.  



BOTTOM LINE:  Ted Cruz intends to repeal the CCSI once in office, and he will not settle for a watered-down, compromised version.  Cruz has the “fire in the belly” to complete this task, and it is this type of deep commitment that it will take to pull CCSI out by its insidious roots.





Hopefully most alert voters know by now that Hillary Clinton is the one who helped birth the CCSI way back in the 1980’s – no doubt about where she stands.


Rand Paul is against CCSI, but I do not remember his publicly railing against it way back in 2011 the way Ted Cruz has done.  


Mike Huckabee, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Scott Walker, Mike Pence, and Chris Christie have all publicly supported CCSI presently and/or in the past.  


Marco Rubio is much too close to Jeb Bush’s vested interests in CCSI to be trusted to take a principled stance against it.


Carly Fiorina has made a half-hearted effort to oppose CCSI once she started her run-up to 2016.


Bobby Jindal is opposed to CCSI now, and I so appreciate his concerted efforts.  However, he is a “late comer” on this issue when compared to Ted Cruz.  For years Jindal ignored the cries of the  anti-CCSI Louisiana citizens and only began to listen when his own second-grade son was confronted with CCSI math in his school.


Rick Santorum seems to be opposed to CCSI now, but he is another “late comer” to the battle and certainly has not led out in an effort to confront CCSI.  


Ben Carson appears to “get it” but does not seem to have the political stamina to pursue a repeal of CCSI.  


Lindsey Graham is against CCSI, but he only started involving himself in the issue in 2014 when it became apparent that the general public was turning against it.  This was probably about the time he started testing the waters for a Presidential run.




The person we want as President is someone who has the discernment to see almost instantly that CCSI is unconstitutional, someone who has the moral compass and the “fire in the belly” not to compromise or back down on repealing CCSI.  Ted Cruz has proved himself over and over to do the right thing even though it may be unpopular with the Washington establishment.  


We believe on this CCSI issue and on so many other issues that Ted Cruz is the only candidate with the gut-level commitment to bring America back from the slippery slope.  This vital change of direction must begin with making sure generations of school children learn to love America – its Constitution, its rich heritage, and its City on the Hill position in the world.    




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Donna Garner


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  1. Mona

    We have a 6th grader and common core has been a nightmare for the schools .

    When you need a whole sheet of paper to do one problem .. The math is the problem .

  2. Opting out of Common Core is like unarmed soldiers on the front line turning their backs on an enemy that is advancing with tanks. It is also useless to fight Common Core.

    Common Core, at best, will only be renamed. For the sake of discussion, if it could be removed, our children should not be in “public” schools. I am a retired teacher and unequivocally proclaim that there is no hope for America as long as Christians and conservatives allow our children to be indoctrinated in the pagan schools. See specifics at http://www.insectman.us/exodus-mandate-wv/index.htm

  3. PaulaMarie

    I have a question about Cruz. Does anyone know his position on Obama Care. Does he plan on repealing that as well? And what about his stance on Planned Parenthood and their ties to CC as well as Bill Gates and Pearson Publishing….how does he propose getting all of these and others out of the ring and how is he going to do this.

    • Bob

      Cruz very publicly signed up for Ibamacare for himself a few months ago.

    • Deborah Sullican

      Sen Cruz stood on the floor of the Senate for hours fighting Ocare. He will repeal every word & replace it with common sense health reform .