Teen mag urged to yank dangerous guide

Dec 14, 2018 by

An organization focused on protecting children and families continues to call on Teen Vogue to remove a dangerous “how to” guide for its readers. (Caution: This article discusses subject matter that some may find offensive.)

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The online magazine, whose target audience is teenage girls, came out with a “very graphic … guide on anal sex” in 2017, says Kathy Hatem, director of communications for Enough Is Enough, a national non-profit organization dedicated to making the Internet safer for children and families.

“… So when we came across this, this was extremely upsetting to us on a number of fronts,” she continues. “But first and foremost, we don’t believe any publication – especially one directed at teens and tweens – should be in a position to have information like this directed at teens because they’re teaching unhealthy sex practices for kids this age.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), anal sex carries an extreme risk for HIV.

We launched a petition asking those who sign it to say, ‘Teen Vogue, this is not okay, take this article down and any others that encourage minors to engage or even experiment in any sexual activity,'” Hathem, a parent herself, tells OneNewsNow. “… To see this type of content now being used front and center and being directed at youth is just really irresponsible and reckless,” she adds.

Hathem says signing the petition is important for a number of reasons, but primarily because the petitions are being sent directly to the editors of Teen Vogue and also to its publisher, Conde Nast.

According to Hathem, at least two editors of Teen Vogue with oversight of the “how to” guide are no longer with the publication, which announced late last year it was shutting down its print edition.

Teen Vogue came under scrutiny by a pro-life group last year after launching a campaign to encourage teen girls who have had an abortion to share their stories – but only if the stories had a positive spin.

Source: Teen mag urged to yank dangerous guide

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