Teen pair developed a mathematical theorem while still in high school

Nov 5, 2015 by

Xuming Liang and Ivan Zelich, both 17, met on an online math forum

Found they were working on the same problem and helped each other

Theorem took six months to perfect and may now change math forever

Calculations have potential to prove complex theories about the universe

Theorem may also one day lead to intergalactic space travel, pair say

Two teenage prodigies have been hailed with creating a mathematical theorem that could help solve some of the biggest mysteries about the universe and may pave the way for interstellar travel.

Xuming Liang and Ivan Zelich, both 17, managed to develop their theorem, which has been hailed as changing the face of math forever, despite still attending high school.

Liang, who is originally from Guangzhou in China but now lives in San Diego, and Zelich, from Australia, connected via a math forum after realizing they were both working on the same problem.

Source: Meet the boy geniuses who developed an advanced math theorem | Daily Mail Online

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