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Summer means school is out and you have a short break from driving your teen to school daily. While that is a benefit, it also means they are stuck at home all summer. Yes, some time together can be quite enjoyable, but too much time at home can be less than enjoyable. How about a break?! You and your teens will both benefit from a quality summer camp program.

Summer Camp Is Growing Up

Many people think that summer camp just for young kids. You may think that camp is a bunch of kid eating ice cream, swimming, and riding canoes. However, more and more camps are being offered to teens to help get them out of the house. When you want to find a great camp that your teens will enjoy, you can use helpful resources such as the American Camp Association, the Better Business Bureau, Education Unlimited, or Tips on Trips and Camps. A great option is Tips on Trips and Camps because they make it their mission to help parents find the camp that will be best for their teen.

Include Your Teen

When you start looking at and choosing camps for your teen, it is important to include them. Having an older child offers you the opportunity to get their input into the types of activities they would like to take part in at the camp they attend. Also, by getting their input and letting them be a part of the process, the more likely they are to have a good attitude about attending camp. Choosing your teen’s camp should be something you involve them in.

Visit The Camp First

Making sure that you and your teen agree on the camp is important and one way that you can do this is by visiting the campground facilities beforehand or attending a camp fair. A fair will give you and your child the opportunity to learn about the camp through videos and by interacting with counselors. This can help you make your final decision about the camp for your teen as you and your child learn about the staff, facilities and grounds before the camp starts. Spending time finding the camp that is the best fit for your teen will give them an experience that they will never forget.

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