Teen Vogue gonna do its thing, but will parents do parenting?

Aug 17, 2019 by

A teen magazine known for its outrageous left-wing articles is at it again but a family advocacy group says parents are ultimately responsible for pushing back.

OneNewsNow has reported how Teen Vogue is seemingly obsessed with promoting abortion to impressionable teen girls, and the latest abortion apologetics story advises them on how to hide a life-altering abortion from their parents.

“Having access to abortion should be your right,” the article tells young girls, “regardless of your parents’ beliefs.”

Teen Vogue has been online for some time after dropping its profit-losing magazine, which means the teen-oriented website is depending on popular messaging app Snapchat to market its controversial content, including the hide-your-abortion story.

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Teen Vogue’s easy access to teenage girls, says Kelsey Good of Concerned Women for America, is why parents need to wake up.

“I think parents need to realize,” she says, “what is going on in their kids’ phones and even just Teen Vogue in general.”

Teen Vogue’s target audience is young teen girls, often 14 and 15 years old, so in reality the online article is advising a 14-year-old how to hide an abortion from parents.

So the obvious question, Good asks, is if parents realize what information is influencing their children on Snapchat, photo-sharing app Instagram, and dating site Tinder. All of theses apps are easily accessible, she tells OneNewsNow, and if parents don’t monitor their children’s online activity then those apps are essentially “raising, parenting and raising your kids.”

Source: Teen Vogue gonna do its thing, but will parents do parenting?

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