Teens Who Study Abroad: The Amazing Benefits Besides Academics

Apr 17, 2017 by

There are teens. And then there are teens who study abroad. International education offers so many incredible benefits that it can really change people’s lives. Of course, there are the academic perks. You get to learn new things in a new environment – often at world-class institutions. It also offers plenty of other advantages too that can help you grow in other ways. Here a few of them.

Enhance Your Global Awareness

Studying abroad can help you see the world in a more global sense, which is increasingly important in today’s connected world. You might not even realize how much your worldview is influenced by your home country until you experience the culture of another one first-hand.

Make New Friends

Studying in a new country can introduce you to friends you would never have otherwise. When you come home from your trip, you might your social network extends into China, Germany, Brazil and a host of other places you’ve never even been. But now that you have friends there you might get to visit!

Develop More Self-Confidence

Navigating a new culture on your own is difficult. When you come out on the other side, you’ll be much more confident for having done it. Living on your own and figuring things out in a new environment can really help you get to know yourself and give you the chance to prove to yourself how capable you are.

Cultivate Adaptability

Living in an unfamiliar culture takes a lot of adaptabilities – a crucial skill in today’s ever-changing world. You’ll have to learn to adjust quickly to your new environment, but when you get home, little changes that would have normally thrown you off your game will seem like nothing.

Boost Your Career

All of this flexibility, self-confidence and global knowledge isn’t just useful in your personal life. It’s also appealing to employers and universities. International education looks impressive on any resume. Just imagine seeing Cambridge summer school or Beijing study abroad on yours! Most employers and college admissions officers also know that the skills you developed abroad will help you in your work.

Learn Life Skills

When you study internationally, you may have to learn to manage a budget, use public transportation and figure out other crucial life skills. You’ll get a jumpstart on learning these basic things, which will make the transition to college or the workforce much smoother.

Experience New Things

When you study in a new country, you’ll get to try new foods, experience new customs and meet new people. This novel experience will teach you things you couldn’t have learned at home. You’ll have a unique set of knowledge and skills that’ll give you useful insight into things you come across in life after your trip.

Improve Your Language Abilities

If you study in a country that speaks a different language than yours or even just a different dialect, you’ll improve your language skills. You may pick up some of an entirely new language or improve your confidence in one you’ve been studying. The new perspective you get on language will also advance your linguistic skills in general, which can make you a better speaker, writer, reader and listener in your native tongue.

Studying abroad in high schools offers a ton of benefits – and not just academically. An international education experience can help you grow emotionally, intellectually, socially and in a plethora of other ways too. If you get the chance to study abroad in high school, take it. It could be the experience of a lifetime.

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