Terrible News About 2015 SAT Results

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“Terrible News About 2015 SAT Results”

By Donna Garner



The newly released 2015 SAT scores are the lowest they have been in 40 years, and the Writing section has the lowest scores out of all three sections. 


On the present version of the SAT implemented in 2005, there is a Writing section that has two sub-scores, one of which tests students’ English grammar and usage knowledge. 


In fact, that sub-score (49 multiple-choice grammar and usage questions) is worth 70% of the Writing score; the essay only counts 30%.


The College Board took a very ambitious step when it conducted and then published its research report on June 17, 2008:   http://www.collegeboard.com/prod_downloads/sat/the-sat-writing-section.pdf


This report proves that the best predictor of college success for freshmen is how well students did on the SAT Writing section. (The Writing score was even a better predictor than the Math or Critical Reading scores.)


Since 70% of the Writing score comes from grammar and usage, then obviously the best predictor of college success is how well students know their English grammar and usage.


With Common Core-aligned curriculum (CC) proliferating our nation’s schools since 2010 and with that curriculum being delivered digitally, it is safe to assume that the combination of the CC’s lack of emphasis on grammar/usage and the digitized CC curriculum are destroying children’s writing skills, leaving students unprepared for college success.


Worse yet, the new SAT is set for implementation in Spring 2016.  The 2016 SAT will be totally aligned with the Common Core, and there will be even less emphasis on grammar/usage.  Because of the completely different content and format of the new Common-Core 2016 SAT, there will be no way for the public to compare scores with past SAT scores.


David Coleman is the architect of the Common Core. When he finished doing his “damage” there, he became the president of The College Board.  Upon taking that job, Coleman immediately announced that all products of The College Board would be aligned to the Common Core.  The College Board produces the SAT, the Pre-SAT, and all AP tests.  Living up to his word, the new 2016 SAT is aligned to the Common Core and will be implemented in Spring 2016.


My advice for all parents is to direct their children NOT to take the new SAT 2016 version but to seek out other alternative college-entrance placement exams. 


I would also advise parents not to allow their children to take Common Core-aligned AP courses.  AP

  1. S. History (APUSH) was aligned to the Common Core in the fall of 2014.


The best way to neuter The College Board and its Common Core ideology is to take away The College Board’s profit.



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Donna Garner


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