Test scores indicate more students ‘college ready’ in English language arts

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By Fermin Leal –

The recently released Common Core-aligned test results show the percentage of California high school students identified as ready, or on pace to be ready by the time they graduate, for college-level English coursework increased; but for math, the percentage decreased compared to last year.The Smarter Balanced assessments for English language arts and math, administered to almost 420,000 juniors in California this past spring, now serve as the main tool for California State University and nearly 80 community colleges statewide for measuring student readiness in those subjects.

Students who “exceed the standard” defined by the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, which devised the test, are considered ready for college-level courses, including courses that provide credits toward degrees. Students who “meet the standard” are considered “conditionally ready,” which means they’re on track to be ready by the end of their senior year in high school.

These Smarter Balanced assessments this year replaced the previous test given as part of the California State University’s Early Assessment Program, often referred to simply as EAP. It is a program designed to identify whether high school juniors are on track to be able to take credit-bearing courses in math and English language arts. How juniors perform on the tests can decide whether students can take credit-bearing college-level math or English courses as freshmen, or if they need to take placement tests to determine whether they need remedial courses.

Source: Test scores indicate more students ‘college ready’ in English language arts | EdSource

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