Testifying at the State Board of Education (SBOE)

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Testifying at the State Board of Education (SBOE)

Upcoming SBOE meeting: Tuesday, November 17, 2020 – 9:00 a.m. Committee of the Full Board

The SBOE will hold a hearing for the proposed Health curriculum standards, called the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Public testimony* on the Health TEKS will be on Agenda Item #x. https://tea.texas.gov/sites/default/files/20_09_115.pdf

The public hearing will be limited to no more than 3 hours.

*Testimony will be virtual. Notification will be sent to you by the TEA after you register to give you instructions. If you do not receive notification, call TEA at 512- 463-9007.

How to register to testify

Your Testimony

  • Time your testimony. Testimony will be 2 minutes. There will a warning bell and a final bell when your time is up. It is possible that your audio/video will be turned off at the at the final bell.
  • Submit copies of testimony. Plan to email your testimony and documentation before or after your testimony.
  • You must state are whether you are FOR, AGAINST, or COMMENTING ON.

Testimony Tips

  • Keep your introduction short and to the point, “I’m____ . I oppose the Health TEKS.” Practice and time your testimony to make sure that you are not going over the time permitted, which may be only two minutes.
  • Leave out unnecessary information in your oral testimony, for example, don’t cite sources or data but include them in your written testimony.
  • Be prepared to answer questions.
  • Focus on specific issues. You will not be able to cover all of the Student Expectations (SEs) in the TEKS.
    • What should be in the TEKS or should have more emphasis in the TEKS.
    • What should not be in the TEKS and why.
    • An area you are specifically concerned about.
    • Specific concerns might be:
      • Adopting the Health TEKS will take away local control.
      • Some topics are parents’ responsibility.
      • SEs undermine the abstinence message.
      • SEs are not age appropriate.
      • SEs provide and/or promote “how-to” instead of information about, e.g., teaching about condom failure rates versus how to use a condom, which is inappropriate.
      • SEs direct students to “trusted adults” rather than parents.

Public Comment

Provide Public Comment at the Texas Register – October 9 – November 13

Written Feedback

Feedback in response to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) can be sent at any time. After the September hearing, there will be a public comment period on the final version of the proposed TEKS.

Email specific comments and recommendations and state “Health Education TEKS First Reading Feedback” in the subject line. Please submit comments to TEA at teks@tea.texas.gov and sboesupport@tea.texas.gov. Comments can also be sent directly to any and all of the SBOE members listed below.

In addition, you might want to ask your SBOE member how he or she plans to vote on the Health TEKS. Find your SBOE member here – https://wrm.capitol.texas.gov/

District 1Georgina PerezDemocratgeorgina.perez@tea.texas.gov
District 2Ruben Cortez, Jr. Democratrubencortezfortexas@gmail.com
District 3Marisa Perez-DiazDemocratmarisa.perez@tea.texas.gov
District 4Lawrence Allen, JrDemocratsboesupport@tea.texas.gov
District 5Ken MercerRepublicansboesupport@tea.texas.gov  
District 6Donna Bahorich Republicandonna.bahorich@tea.texas.gov
District 7Matt RobinsonRepublicanmatt.robinson@tea.texas.gov
District 8Barbara CargillRepublicansboecargill@sbcglobal.net
District 9Keven EllisRepublicanellisSBOE@gmail.com
District 10Tom MaynardRepublicantom@maynardfortexas.com
District 11Patricia HardyRepublicanpat.hardy.1109@gmail.com
District 12Pam LittleRepublicanpam.little@tea.texas.gov
District 13Aicha DavisDemocratAicha.Davis@tea.texas.gov
District 14Sue Melton-MaloneRepublicansmelton51@gmail.com
District 15Marty RowleyRepublicanmarty@martyrowley.com

teks@tea.texas.govsboesupport@tea.texas.govgeorgina.perez@tea.texas.govrubencortezfortexas@gmail.com  marisa.perez@tea.texas.govdonna.bahorich@tea.texas.govmatt.robinson@tea.texas.govsboecargill@sbcglobal.netellisSBOE@gmail.comtom@maynardfortexas.compat.hardy.1109@gmail.compam.little@tea.texas.govAicha.Davis@tea.texas.govsmelton51@gmail.commarty@martyrowley.com

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