Testing companies see cash cow in revamped GED

Dec 31, 2013 by

GED_logo-blue-300x148High school dropouts seeking a diploma will soon face a brand new exam system that will demand more skills from them — and yield more profits for testing companies.The traditional GED exam, administered for more than 70 years by the nonprofit American Council on Education, will be replaced on Thursday by a buffet of options from three testing companies, two of them global for-profit firms. The new exams are all meant to better prepare students for the modern workforce. But they differ dramatically in price, length and — at least initially — in degree of difficulty.

The competitive market, and the exams’ new role as profit centers, have injected considerable uncertainty into a system that’s proved a crucial path to higher earnings for millions of high school dropouts.


“As with any reform, it’s, ‘Let’s hold our breath and see how it works out,’” said Jonathan Zaff, a vice president of America’s Promise Alliance, an advocacy group focused on reducing the dropout rate.

via Testing companies see cash cow in revamped GED – Stephanie Simon – POLITICO.com.

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