Tex. Public School Children Being Taught To Hate Law Enforcement & Support Critical Race Theory

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“Tex. Public School Children Being Taught To Hate Law Enforcement & Support Critical Race Theory”

By Donna Garner


[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  First of all, what is this Embrace Race program out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison doing in the Region 11 Texas Education Service Center’s Science Newsletter?  What does this program have to do with “science”?

Second, Embrace Race (as seen on its website) is clearly an effort to turn little children (ages 5 – 7 years old) against law enforcement and to train them to see everything in life through a biased, racial lens. Why are our Texas children being offered such a racist, anti-law-enforcement program?   

Third, why is a group from the U. of Wisconsin-Madison being allowed access to our 5-7 year old Texas school children in the first place?  The content is clearly not aligned with our Texas curriculum standards.

Fourth, who approved this access of a racially biased, anti-law-enforcement program for our Texas children?  This program is obviously a part of the Critical Race Theory agenda as can be seen on the Embrace Race website — https://www.embracerace.org/

Please go to the Embrace Race website to see more of their biased, prejudicial Critical Race Theory dogma which they are attempting to pour into our Texas public school children’s minds.

The following is taken directly from the Embrace Race website:


Supporting Kids through Racialized Violence

In order to create a manageable and useful set of resources for you, here we consider “racialized violence” only its overt forms, including but not limited to widespread police brutality against Black, Brown and Native communities, White nationalism and hate crimes, and verbal and physical assaults against Muslim Americans and Asian Americans. You’ll also find insights about how you can “put on your own mask first,” and why you must; how to be an effective ally or accomplice to others under duress; and especially how to help children push back against racialized violence.



Embrace Race Study: University of Wisconsin-Madison

A team of child development experts and race scholars at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, friends, and partners of EmbraceRace have designed a program for parents on addressing race with their child(ren). We are currently evaluating the effectiveness of the program and are recruiting parents with child(ren) from 5 to 7 years old to participate. Might that be you? You would receive 4 storybooks for free and $100 for your participation.

The study involves:

  • Three 30-minute surveys for you that ask about how you think about race, your comfort addressing race with your child, and your social interactions with members of different racial groups
  • Three 30-minute video calls between your child and a member of the research team asking your child how they think about people from different racial groups and their thoughts on racial discrimination
  • Watching a 45-minute training video that teaches you about the nature of children’s racial bias, strategies for addressing children’s racial bias, and provides ways to practice the strategies in your daily life
  • Reading 4 storybooks with your child and reporting on your discussions while reading.

To provide you with a sense of how other parents have responded to the study, here’s some feedback offered by previous participants:

  • “I am so glad to have participated in this. I think the training and practice with picture books should be available to all parents.”
  • “I really, really, really LOVED the program as a whole. I’m a researcher, and a lot of my work centers on anti-bias practices for the adults caring for young children, but I have been unsure how to translate that to my own child. We talk a lot about race, racism, and structural inequities, but I realized I was missing the parts about how to help him become an active participant in disrupting racist actions and recognizing his own unconscious biases.”
  • “My kid has requested the books sent as a part of the study over and over again at bedtime, and each time the conversation about them takes a slightly different turn, getting richer and deeper. Even books that I thought he wouldn’t have much interest in really resonated with him. He was able to draw parallels between the scenes in the book and our very segregated city, as well as his own experiences with other kids. After seeing how well we’ve been able to use books as a springboard for conversations, I’ve also sought out other books and experiences around books to help continue extending the conversations.”

If you have a 5 to 7-year-old child(ren) and are interested in participating, please complete the following eligibility survey. We will be in touch if you are eligible for the study, and we have space for you in the study.

Survey Link



3.9.21 — ‘Social Emotional Learning’ Now a Vehicle for Critical Race Theory” — By Dr. Susan Berry – Breitbarthttps://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/03/09/social-emotional-learning-now-a-vehicle-for-critical-race-theory/

9.17.20 –  “2 Seattle Schools Offered 7-Year-Olds Anti-Police, Leftist Messages” — By Hank Berrien – Daily Wirehttps://www.educationviews.org/2-seattle-schools-offered-7-year-olds-anti-police-leftist-messages/

3.3.21 – “The Worst Ideas in Education Policy are Bipartisan” — By Jane Robbins – Townhall.comhttps://townhall.com/columnists/janerobbins/2021/03/03/civics-n2585638

3.15.21 – “Critical Race Theory in Texas K-12 Bills” – by Carole Hornsby Haynes — http://www.drcarolehhaynes.com/index.php/articles/education1/education2/407-critical-race-theory-in-texas-k-12-bills

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