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Texas Senator Dan Patrick has recently been dubbed the new chair of the Senate Education Committee. In his statement released below, he presents his case for more up-to-date, career and technical options. Before reading Sen. Patrick’s comments, please take the time to read my article that explains what Texas is presently implementing into our public schools (link posted below).

I have no objections to Sen. Patrick’s suggestions so long as our present plan that leads toward authentic education reform for all of our Texas public school students is allowed to go forward undeterred.

Since students under the new graduation plan now have plenty of opportunities to take electives (7 ½ credits to 11 ½ credits, depending upon whether the high-school has a 7- or an 8-period day), students have plenty of opportunities to investigate various career and elective pathways.

All of us including parents, businessmen, and the public must remember that it does not make any difference what career a person chooses, he must be able to read, write, and speak English proficiently. That means our Texas public schools must teach those skills well to ALL of our students.

11.28.12 “Texas Does Not Want a Two-Track System But Wants All To Be Educated Citizens” by Donna Garner — http://nocompromisepac.ning.com/profiles/blogs/texas-does-not-want-a-two-track-system-in-high-school-but-wants?xg_source=activity



Senator Patrick Calls for More Career and Technical Options

Encourages State Board of Education to increase CTE courses by June 2013


Austin, TX – As chairman of the Senate Education Committee, Senator Patrick is focused on passing major reforms to improve workforce readiness through relevant and rigorous career and technical (CTE) courses.


“Throughout the past year, I have visited with countless business owners, industry representatives, and associations to discuss their needs,” said Patrick. “Without exception, they are greatly concerned about a growing shortage of skilled workers to fill the jobs in high-demand fields.”


In a letter released today, Senator Patrick asked the State Board of Education to prioritize the effort of reviewing and improving CTE courses in order to benefit students in the coming school year. The letter calls on the State Board of Education, to accomplish four goals:


1. Increase the current number of CTE TEKS-based courses that are approved for graduation in time for the start of the 2013-2014 school year.
2. Research CTE courses that other states allow as options for satisfying foundation course graduation requirements and adapt them as needed for Texas.

3. Encourage school districts to apply to the agency for approval of specific career-focused innovative courses if there are not already TEKS-based courses in place to address current career preparation needs.

4. Encourage the Board to consider adjusting the schedule for review and revision of CTE Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) from Spring 2014, to the fall of 2013. This will allow any changes made to CTE courses to be ready a full school year earlier.


“Being career ready also means being ready for additional education,” said Patrick. “That is why we must better prepare students for both college and career,” added Patrick.


Logan Spence

Chief of Staff

Senator Dan Patrick

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