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Sep 13, 2018 by

Queer Latinx

“Tex. State Board of Education Takes Stand Against LGBTQ Agenda”

By Donna Garner


I am very thankful for the majority of the members of the Texas State Board of Education who took a stand against thrusting the SBOE and the TEKS (Texas’ curriculum standards) directly into the LGBTQ agenda.

Yesterday a few members of the SBOE wanted the Ethnic Studies: Mexican-American Studies” TEKS element to read “latino/latina, latinx.”  Thankfully, the majority voted to leave out the word “latinx.”

If the Board had been lured into adopting the term “latinx” by those on the Board who knew perfectly well its meaning, the Board would have gone against the medical/biological science that since the creation of the world has shown there are only two sexes – male and female.  

Here is a link from Merriam Webster that explains the term “latinx” —

Not only is the term “latinx” a brainchild of the LGBTQ  movement, but it is totally spelled wrong.  In Spanish an “x” cannot be used without putting a vowel before it. The term if ever used would have to be “latinex.”  Then, of course, there would be the problem in making “latinex” plural.  Would it be “latinexen”?  Who knows?  Also, there is the problem with pronouncing “latinx” which does not follow Spanish pronunciation rules without their being the “ex” in the syllable.

In Spanish all nouns are either masculine or feminine, and the adjectives that modify the nouns have to match with either masculine or feminine endings.  If the nouns are singular, then the adjectives that modify them have to be singular also.  The same holds true for the plural nouns and plural adjectives. The whole issue of the LGBTQ term “latinx” is an absurd destruction of the Spanish language! 

Here is a fact for the uninformed SBOE member who yesterday tried to take issue by comparing the German language to the Spanish language:  The reason German adjectives do not have the adjective endings “o” and “a” is that German is not a Romance language. Romance languages are Spanish, Italian, French, Latin, Portuguese, and Romanian. These were the languages spoken by the Romans.  The German language was not spoken by the Romans.

If the LGBTQ term “latinx” had made it into the Mexican-American Studies TEKS yesterday, this would have opened the door for other such LGBTQ advances into other TEKS subject areas. This is the reason that Texas voters need to elect more conservatives to the SBOE.  Elections have huge consequences that impact millions and millions of students.  

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