Tex. Supremes: Early Voting To Start on Oct. 13; Harris County Dems Barred from Mail-In Ballot Scam

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“Tex. Supremes: Early Voting To Start on Oct. 13; Harris County Dems Barred from Mail-In Ballot Scam”

By Donna Garner


The Texas Supreme Court (TSC) ruled 7 to 1 to allow early voting in Texas to begin Oct. 13 which is nearly a week earlier than usual.

Gov. Abbott in July made this decision in response to COVID.  Various Republican Party leaders challenged Gov. Abbott’s decision, saying that state election law dictates early voting should start 17 days before an election – on Oct. 19, 2020.

The Republican leaders believe that by Gov. Abbott’ going against election code law, he has basically given the Democrats an open door for more mail-in ballot election fraud.

The lone voice on the Texas Supreme Court was Judge John Devine who said that Gov. Abbott’s early-date emergency proclamation is “potentially unconstitutional.” Judge Devine’s well-articulated opinion can be found here: https://www.txcourts.gov/media/1449870/200739d.pdf

Judge Devine reasoned that the 7 to 1 TSC ruling by the other judges did a “disservice to the citizens of the State of Texas and the Texas Constitution” by not compelling the Texas Secretary of State (chief election officer of Texas) to comply with the Texas Election Code’s specific provisions (e.g., early voting to start 17 days before an election).  Because the Secretary of State sent out additional guidance to local officials about the changed early-voting date, the Sect. of State basically endorsed Gov. Abbott’s decision; and  this makes the Sect. of State complicit in breaking Texas Election Law.

The good news, however, is this: “In a separate ruling today, a unanimous Supreme Court said state law did not allow [Democrat] Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins to send a vote-by-mail application to every voter in the county.”

Here is the link to the excellent, unanimous Texas Supreme Court ruling today that bars Democrat Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins from carrying out his devious and corrupt plan to steal the elections for Joe Biden and the other Democrats: https://www.txcourts.gov/supreme/orders-opinions/2020/october/october-7-2020/


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