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by Donna Garner –

Texans, remember last year when so many of us battled to get the Texas House to choose a conservative Speaker of the House after we worked very hard to orchestrate the conservative tsunami at the ballot box on Nov. 2, 2010? Instead, we ended up with left-leaning Joe Straus as Speaker because he managed to use his great wealth and the pledge card system to “buy” legislators’ votes for his Speakership.

This is our chance to make sure that left-leaning Speaker Joe Straus never goes back to the Texas House again!

Matt Beebe has stepped forward to run against Joe Straus, and Beebe is a great candidate. (I have posted information about him further on down the page.)

To oust Straus and elect Matt Beebe, it will take Texans throughout this state contributing their campaign donations; but working together, we can do it.

Please donate today at – https://secure.piryx.com/donate/M4Mc8Kpz/VoteBeebe/VictoryFund


Because Joe Straus as Speaker appointed all the committee chairs and the committees, he basically drove the agenda for the 82nd Legislative Session. Out of 70 chair/co-chair positions in the House, not a single conservative member with a high conservative score (as per 2011 Texas Eagle Forum Scorecard) was appointed as a chair; and only one was appointed to a co-chair position.


When we voters wonder why such bills as Sanctuary Cities, E-Verify, and English as the official language of Texas were not passed, all we have to do is to look at the various committees appointed by Straus:

(1) Criminal Jurisprudence with a 47.2% rating and a Democrat Chair with a 16% rating – appointed by Straus

(2) Border & Intergovernmental Affairs Committee with an average score of 34.8% and a Straus-appointed chair with an 8% rating

(3) State Affairs Committee with an average of 30.2% and a Straus-appointed chair with 40%

If we conservatives are vitally concerned that the House Investigating Committee may not take its charge seriously, which is to investigate the Gulen/Cosmos Foundation/Harmony charter schools for alleged ties to Turkish/Muslim organizations and for possible misuse of public funds, all we have to do is to look at the score for the committee — 33.6% with a Straus-appointed chair (Rep. Chuck Hopson) who has a score of 29%.

When we conservatives are upset because of the four redistricting maps that have set the conservative agenda back for ten years, all we have to do is to look at the House Redistricting Committee that has an average score of 27.2% with a Straus-appointed chair (Rep. Burt Solomons) who has a 33% rating.

If we are concerned because so many bills put forth by conservative House members never got to the floor for a vote, all we need to do is to consider the average score of 30.3% for the House Calendars Committee.

If we doubt the ruling passed down by Rep. Will Hartnett who was appointed by Straus to decide whether conservative Republican Dan Neil or left-wing Democrat Rep. Donna Howard (TEF score of 4%) should have won the contested election in Travis County, all we have to do is to look at Hartnett’s 33% TEF average score. Rep. Hartnett ruled that 222 military ballots cast overseas could not be counted but that 35 ballots upon which Travis County election workers had made mistakes should be counted. Dan Neil lost by four votes.


o With all the conservative House members that we sent to Austin:

o the Sonogram Bill should have passed easily in the first several weeks of the Session instead of experiencing months of backdoor deals;

o the four redistricting maps (Congressional, Senate, House, State Board of Education) should have been drawn up to help rather than hinder the elections of conservatives for the next ten years;

o a law should have been passed that forbids Texas public schools from participating in the personally intrusive national database;

o open-source curriculum materials should have been placed under the oversight of the elected State Board of Education who could make sure that the materials written by liberal professors are not allowed to go straight to students’ desks;

o the public school funding mechanism should have been rewritten to force local school districts to practice fiscal responsibility. Instead, the legislature used $4 Billion from the Rainy Day Fund which could put Texas in jeopardy during a time of great financial uncertainty and/or unexpected emergencies;

o the TSA anti-groping bill should have been passed;

o the House pledge card system should have been banned;

o Sanctuary Cities and e-verify legislation should have been passed;

o the budget bills (SB 1 and SB 2) should not have been loaded up with provisions that had nothing to do with balancing the budget;

o and the use of foreign or Sharia law in our Texas courts should have been banned.

To read more details about the appointed committee chairs/members for the 82nd Legislative Session, please go to my article published on 8.8.11 entitled Dilemma for Texas Voters: http://libertylinked.com/posts/7967/dilemma-for-texas-voters—/View.aspx


Young Conservatives of Texas scorecard – 82nd Legislative Session: http://www.yct.org/yct-release-ratings-of-82nd-texas-legislature/


Texas Eagle Forum scorecard – 82nd Legislative Session: http://texaseagle.org/component/content/article/332.html


Heritage Alliance scorecard – 82nd Legislative Session: http://www.heritagealliance.com/tcr/tcrhome.php?Year=2011&House=House&Legislator=Rep.%20Hardcastle,%20Rick%20(R-68)


Empower Texans scorecard – 82nd Legislative Session: http://www.empowertexans.com/2011-fri-taxpayer-champions/







They say it’s a David vs. Goliath battle. Matt Beebe vs. Joe Straus in House District 121 is shaping up as the Texas State House race to watch.


In the liberal corner is Texas House Speaker Joe Straus of San Antonio who reportedly has more than $3 million in the bank, but he’s out of touch with the conservative values of the people of House District 121. And in the conservative corner is me, Matt Beebe, a small business owner, who is anti-tax, pro-life, and against expanded gambling in Texas.


We have an important fundraising deadline coming up which we need your help with! We have set a goal to raise $5,000 in 5 days. This money will help build on the momentum we have already seen this year.


Donate Today at – https://secure.piryx.com/donate/M4Mc8Kpz/VoteBeebe/VictoryFund


No doubt Joe Straus will raise an enormous amount of cash from special interest groups and lobbyists. Our support will come from conservatives like you. Support for our campaign will be measured not only by the amount we raise, but the number of donors we have.


Please consider making a donation to the campaign today. Any amount will help. Your $25, $50, or $250 donation will help buy campaign flyers, yards signs, and mailers so we can get our conservative message to the voters.


I know this time of year we are all asked to reach deeper to help a variety of charitable causes, and even putting this request alongside those very worthy causes is actually difficult for me — but it will take substantial financial resources to get my fiscally and socially conservative message out.


I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t need your help. Can you help equip me with a year-end donation before midnight THIS Saturday, December 31?


Thanks for standing with me in the cause of liberty, small government and the sanctity of life.




-Matt Beebe



Donate Today at – https://secure.piryx.com/donate/M4Mc8Kpz/VoteBeebe/VictoryFund






BY RED SONJA of libertyphoto@att.net



This could very well be the story of David and Goliath in Texas. Matt Beebe an entrepreneur who relocated to San Antonio about 10 years ago has decided to take on Joe Straus of HD 121. He is challenging Straus known to the conservatives as the infamous Texas House Speaker. Beebe officially announced his intentions on December 12 at the Quarry Golf Club in San Antonio, Texas. He was welcomed by supporters and family. Beebe spoke about the shell game Straus played with the Rainy Day Fund and about how the budget maneuvering was going to come back to bite Texans in the next legislative session. He brought up the gambling situation that is waiting just around the corner for Texans. Beebe cautioned that the unions that will provide workers for the casinos will not enter a Right to Work state and are demanding an exemption. This alone signals a bad precedence to our state and will promote economic problems. He also said that gambling was not good for Texas communities as a whole.


He promised that he would be anti sanctuary city and that he would work hard to secure our Texas border and request employer restrictions on hiring illegals. He spoke of the human trafficking problem that exists on IH35 that moves 18,000 to 20,000 illegals into our cities. He believes that Texas jobs are for Texas citizens.


I sat down and spoke with Beebe and asked him some of the same questions I ask all candidates, “Have you ever run for public office?” his answer, “No.” “Why do you feel you can beat Joe Straus”? He answered that, “The redistricting presents an interesting opportunity where nearly 1/3 of the 121 district voters will be new to the district.” He further commented that, “Straus’ constituents are experiencing tremendous dissatisfaction with Joe personally and voters have not had a choice. I believe it’s winnable. We are going to get a solid grassroots going to get out the vote ground game.”


Matt and his wife Nicole have two adoptive children, Hannah 5 and Joshua 3 so he very well understands Pro Life issues and is committed to taking a stand for family values. He and his family are members of the Alamo Heights United Methodist Church and Hannah is enrolled at the hybrid Summit Christian Academy, a university model homeschooling system. Matt is a graduate of Michigan Technological University and served in the Air Force as a communications officer and counter measures engineer working on cyber security. He is the owner and founder of Digitactics and has 13 full and part time employees.

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