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Please remember to vote for pro-life candidates.  Romney/Ryan at the top of the ticket are strong pro-lifers.  Tomorrow, Friday, is the last day for early voting in Texas.  — Donna Garner]

“Texas: A Safe Place for Unborn Babies”

by Donna Garner


Summary:  In 2011, the Texas Legislature passed legislation which bans taxpayer dollars from going to abortion providers and their affiliates. Gov. Perry signed the law in July of 2011, and he is bound by Texas law to enforce what the Texas Legislature has passed.

It is Cecile Richards (president of Planned Parenthood) who has made the choice to put her organization in jeopardy in Texas.  Planned Parenthood could have ceased its affiliations with abortion providers and been allowed to be a part of the Texas Women’s Health Program.  Instead, Planned Parenthood is so ideologically wedded to the killing of unborn babies that it has decided to lose funding rather than to quit the abortion business. Rather than to serve the low-income women that PP purports to want to help, PP’s choice has resulted in the closing of many PP clinics across the state and across the nation.

Planned Parenthood does not provide women with mammograms but instead outsources them to other places. Nationwide, in 2010, Planned Parenthood killed 329,000 babies with the largest percentage being Blacks and Hispanics. Even Planned Parenthood has admitted that 91% of its “pregnancy services” involve abortions.

On 10.25.12, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed that Texas can cut tax dollars to Planned Parenthood.  However, almost immediately Planned Parenthood filed suit; and a Travis County judge issued a temporary restraining order.  A Nov. 8 hearing will determine whether the restraining order against Planned Parenthood will continue.

Gov. Perry has made it very clear; nothing is “either” “or.”  He stated:

Texas will not allow a program that includes abortion providers, or their affiliates like Planned Parenthood, to be a provider. And if they file a lawsuit challenging the Texas program, and they were to prevail, they will kill this program, and they [Planned Parenthood] would be responsible for denying these important services for the low-income women of Texas.

The great news is that Dr. Kyle Janek, the head of Texas Health and Human Services Commission, has found 3,000 healthcare providers who have said they will participate in the Texas Women’s Health Program. This is 500 more healthcare providers than had been located last spring.

Now women who qualify for the Women’s Health Program and live anywhere in Texas will be able to find care at reputable clinics where sterile conditions and licensed/trained healthcare professionals will provide women the important screenings for cancer, hypertension, STD’s, mammograms, etc.

Of course, the wonderful thing about the Texas Women’s Health Program is that none of these 3,000 providers will have the innocent blood of unborn babies on their hands! The sanctity of life will be honored in Texas.

“Thank you, Gov. Perry, Texas Legislators, and the thousands of pro-life people who have helped to make Texas a safe place for unborn babies.”

Donna Garner



To read the full article (10.31.12) in the Austin American-Statesman, please go to this link:


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