Texas A&M president demands truly insane bonus, attempts cover-up

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Retiring Texas A&M University President R. Bowen Loftin demanded over $2.5 million in exit compensation and other bonuses, and then attempted to keep the deal secret by deleting emails, according to the Aggie Guardian.

Loftin, who is stepping down from the presidency in January, will receive two years of additional pay at his current salary, which would net him $850,000. The university has also promised him sufficient funds to create a new research institute at the university. He will also retain all of his electronics equipment, including an iPad and personal computer. Loftin will remain a tenured professor at the university making $310,000 a year.

Various legal fees, deferred compensation and other bonuses were also included in the deal signed by Loftin and the university.

Still, that deal falls short of what Loftin requested in a July 3rd email to the provost. The president also asked for a year of paid leave, and wanted his salary as a tenured professor to be even higher. These demands would have boosted his post-presidential compensation to $2.5 million.

Given the magnitude of the demands–and how unpopular they were likely to be among debt-ridden students and higher ed skeptics–it’s perhaps no surprise that Loftin took measures to conceal the arrangement from the public.

In his email to Provost Karan Watson and CFO B.J. Crain detailing his compensation demands, Loftin instructed the administrators to delete the message after reading it.

“I would suggest that you delete the attachment once you have read it and provided back to me any guidance you may have. Thanks, Bowen,” wrote Loftin in the email.

Loftin failed to follow his own advice, however, and the Aggie Guardian–a student newspaper at Texas A&M–obtained the documents via a public records request.

“Deleting emails and computer files is a technique sometimes practiced by university employees to avoid transparency through the Texas Public Information Act,” noted Kelsey Magliolo, a reporter for the Aggie Guardian, in her story about the scandal.

The university did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Daily Caller. Texas A&M declined comment to the Aggie Guardian, and did not respond to Campus Reform.

Several students at Texas A&M expressed outrage at Loftin’s deal. Taylor Hartmann, a junior, noted that Loftin championed staffing and pay reductions during his time as president.

via Texas A&M president demands truly insane bonus, attempts cover-up | The Daily Caller.

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