Texas girl’s homework assignment: draw herself as a slave

Feb 14, 2018 by

A mother near Austin was outraged by her 12-year-old daughter’s homework assignment: Draw yourself as a slave, then color and write a visualization of what you see around you.

An Austin TV station reported the incident on Saturday and spoke with the girl’s mother, identified as Tonya Jennings. She told the station that she was shocked when her daughter pulled the single-page assignment out of her backpack at home.

“There’s nothing about slavery that I would want any child, regardless of color, to have to relive,” said Jennings.

The 12-year-old reportedly attends Four Points Middle School, part of the Leander school district near Austin. The assignment was part of a Texas history lesson regarding the Civil War and the role slavery played in the war, according to the Leander ISD.

Source: Texas girl’s homework assignment: draw herself as a slave | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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