Texas Governor Rick Perry Tries to Maintain a Mythological Perception

Sep 8, 2011 by

Once a sociopath, always a sociopath

by Peter Stern

As I have stated so many times over and over for the past decade, Gov. Rick Perry is a sociopath and a liar. Perry would NOT know the Truth if he tripped over it. He can’t help himself. He hasn’t a clue. He is so used to lying about most everything that he believes the lies himself. That’s part of the talent of a true sociopath.

Furthermore, Perry does not answer a question directly, He responds generally in clichés and with one lie building upon another. For example, if this lie is “correct” then so is this lie and that lie. It is the reason he can’t keep his statements straight. He maintains a sort of irrational logic that sociopaths often use.

Rick Perry always has been a danger to hard-working and hardly working Texans. He is grandiose and does NOT work in the best interest of the entire Texas community. He works for wealthy special interests who reward him with contributions and premium perks. His history shows that fact.

While in office as Governor, Rick Perry used his position to accumulate a fortune; he became a millionaire while in office — and it was not due to his poor selling book, “Fed Up!” The title of his book is how most Texans feel about the Governor.

Perry used his Executive Authority as Governor to push through legislation that mandates all young girls to be given the HPV vaccination. Merck is the pharmaceutical firm that manufactures Gardasil and the company is a large contributor to Perry’s campaigns. The bill was repealed and approximately 90 percent of the legislature was against the measure and didn’t appreciate the attempt by the self-proclaimed “King of Texas” to circumvent the legislative process to do a favor for his supporter.

As “Fed Up!” with the feds as Perry plays at being, he is the first to ask Washington for help when it comes to education financing or disaster relief. He complains that the federal government does not protect our borders with Mexico, when in reality Perry needs to bring his own shop in order. Drastic budget cuts continue to undermine the State’s ability to protect its own borders. Texas does NOT enforce our federal immigration laws; consequently, many wealthy Texas business folks and individuals hire illegals consistently for cheap and uninsured labor.

During the past decade, Perry and the Texas Legislature have diverted the State’s constitutional responsibility to finance public education to local (county) government, who in turn have overburdened home property owners to foot the majority tab to educate our children.

Rick Perry has always been a sociopath and there is no chance that he will suddenly turn-around and change his habitual ways. Texans have been short-changed by Perry for 4 terms and Americans don’t need another special interest driven liar in the White House.

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