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“Texas HB 663 Would Disrupt 5 ½ Million Texas Students”

By Donna Garner


URGENT:  The vote on HB 663 is set for this coming Monday, April 15, 2019!

VOTE AGAINST HB 663 (authored by Rep. King):

How can I say this nicely?  Has Rep. King been asleep for two years?  Most of the many requirements in HB 663 have already been addressed by the Texas State Board of Education and the Texas Education Agency.  It is as if Rep. King has simply dusted off an “old” bill, given it a new name, and put it forward for a vote in this Session. 

The Texas Legislature needs to stay in its own lane when it comes to the crucial issue of the adoption process of curriculum standards and let the newly laid-out TEKS review and streamlining process continue as so carefully orchestrated.  

The Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) and the Texas Education Agency (TEA) have heard the complaints from the public regarding the old curriculum standards adoption process for the TEKS.  Over the last two years the SBOE and the TEA have spent multiple meetings designing a much-improved curriculum standards adoption process.  They have worked diligently to streamline the language placed in Texas’ curriculum standards (TEKS). 

The TEKS for Science and Social Studies have already been through the streamlining process, and the newly adopted English / Language Arts / Reading (ELAR) TEKS have been analyzed carefully to make sure that each element is clearly stated, concise, and not duplicative.  An entire TEA page has been set up to explain the new and well-planned review and revision (a.k.a., streamlining) process:  https://tea.texas.gov/interiorpage.aspx?id=25769817636).    

The streamlined version of the Social Studies TEKS is well done and preserves the emphasis on the Founding Fathers, American patriotism, and the heroes and heroines who have played important roles in the history of our country and world.  

The streamlined version of the Science TEKS has preserved the most important elements required for mastery of science concepts K-12.

The SBOE and the TEA have heard untold numbers of hours of public testimony going clear into the night, and those concerns from the public have been given careful consideration. 

Rep. King’s HB 663 would require the entire TEKS adoption process to be turned on its head which would totally disrupt the new and carefully laid out process.  Texas school districts and their more than 5 ½ million students would be thrown into complete disarray if HB 663 were passed.  

Please tell your Texas Legislators to vote against HB 663.  The bill has been scheduled for a vote this coming Monday, 4.15.19.   

Contact information for all Texas Legislators (look under the left hand column): https://capitol.texas.gov/

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