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3.21.17 – World Net Daily

“Texas High School Muslim Prayer Room Challenged”

By Leo Hohmann



Excerpts from this article:

For at least 30 minutes every weekday for the past seven years, a classroom at Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas, gets transformed into an on-campus mosque.

At least a dozen students use the “Muslim prayer room” between 2:05 and 2:35 p.m. Monday through Friday…

Principal Scott Warstler said students of other faiths are allowed to meet on campus as well, but he told the student newspaper, Wingspan, that these other meetings are held “before or after school.”

…But one First Amendment advocate, attorney David Coale, did tell CBS that the school district appears to be on shaky ground constitutionally. Setting aside a special room for Muslims to pray during school hours is fraught with questions.

The following are just a few:

  • Could a male Catholic student, for instance, walk into the room during the prescribed Islamic prayer time, sit on the female side of the room and pray the rosary?
  • Would a non-Muslim be allowed to walk into the prayer room at the designated time and not take off his/her shoes and sit next to a member of the opposite gender?
  • Could an evangelical student bring his Bible and offer to close the prayer time with a reading from the New Testament?
  • Could an Orthodox Christian set up an icon of Christ and venerate it with the sign of the cross?

Other questions remain unanswered as well:

  • Are these students trusted to fulfill the Muslim duties of Friday prayer without an imam present?
  • Are they performing the ritualistic Muslim requirements for foot washing before the Friday prayers, and, if so, where are they doing this?

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