Texas High School Suspends Student For NSA Protest, Refusal to Say Pledge

May 15, 2014 by

School stifles student’s freedom of expression

A Texas high school student who was protesting the government’s NSA domestic surveillance efforts faces suspension for refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, Breitbart reports.


Mason Michalec, 15, says he faces two days of in-school suspension for waging a silent protest, and says the principal at his high school in Needville, near Houston, has threatened him with a longer suspension if his protest continues.


In a recent interview on Houston’s Michael Berry radio show, Michalec explained “he loves America, but he is unhappy with the current state of the union, specifically issues involving the NSA and government surveillance,” according to Kenneth Webster.


Michalec says his refusal to say the pledge had gone unnoticed for some time, until recently, when a staff member spotted him and turned him in.


Michalec’s protest counters CIA Director John Brennan’s recent statements that young people are unaware of the impact of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s revelations. “I think most of the young people don’t even understand what in fact he has done and the implications of it,” Brennan said in an exclusive interview with Fusion.net.


Despite multitudes decrying the NSA’s efforts as a massive violation of the Fourth Amendment, their attempts to construct an omnipresent, all-intrusive spy grid continue apace.


Earlier this week, we reported on Guardian editor Glenn Greenwald’s latest Snowden-NSA revelations, detailing that the NSA intercepts hardware meant for consumers, such as routers, en route to companies and outfits them with cutting edge surveillance equipment, repackaging them with “factory sealing” before sending them back on their way.


And last year, Greenwald blew the lid off the NSA’s PRISM spy grid, a program by which the NSA was allowed access to the servers of major service providers like Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Skype and others.


Michalec’s punishment is just the latest example of how public schools indoctrinate students to remain quiet, obedient slaves oblivious of the surveillance state being constructed around them. Instead of punishing the freedom of expression, schools should instead encourage more students to exercise their First Amendment rights, especially when it comes to defending the Fourth.

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