Texas MassResistance helps stop ‘transgender’ movement targeting young children

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ALT TEXT Our Texas MassResistance chapter in Dallas is outraged that their courts and schools are part of this child abuse.


Our Texas MassResistance chapter in Dallas is outraged that their courts and schools are part of this child abuse.

“Texas MassResistance helps stop ‘transgender’ movement targeting young children”

In the James Younger case – MassResistance activists force children’s dance studio to stop enrolling 8-year-old boy as a girl.


Excerpts from this article:

In Texas, the courts and schools have begun pushing the demonic “transgender” agenda on very young children. Will local businesses catering to children do the same? MassResistance says, “We won’t allow that!”

The infamous James Younger case

For the past four years, conservative websites and pro-family networks have been reporting the infamous case involving James Younger in Dallas. In 2016, his father Jeff Younger began divorce proceedings with his wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas. A major issue in the divorce was Jeff’s distress that his wife was determined to “transition” James, then four years old, into a girl named Luna. This had apparently been going on since James was three years old.

James has a twin brother (not identical) whom Georgulas is not attempting to “transition” into a girl. This adds an additional level of tragic confusion in that family.

Georgulas hired the most powerful pro-LGBT family law firm in the state to represent her. (The firm is also the biggest donor to Texas judicial races.) In court, she has insisted that she had the right to have James “become” a girl and even receive treatment at a “gender” clinic in Dallas that specializes in children. (Shockingly, Georgulas is a licensed, practicing pediatrician.) In court, her legal team has been aggressive in their efforts to keep Jeff from having any say in that.

In August 2020, a left-wing judge who had been recently assigned to the case abruptly reversed a previous judge’s order that gave the parents joint power over James’s medical decisions. The new ruling gave it solely to Georgulas. That is how things stand now.

 Jeff Younger and his son James.

The grisly details of this morally corrupt case have been covered in LifeSiteNews and Breitbart. The Texas court’s complacency in this legalized child abuse has been sharply criticized by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and several Texas lawmakers.

Enrolled as a girl in a local dance school – and stopped by MassResistance

While Jeff Younger has been fighting for James in the courts, MassResistance activists – led by our Texas Director Tracy Shannon and Assistant Director Kevin Whitt – have been working to support James with a growing team of local people. Following the judge’s recent ruling, there’s plenty of support needed!

In late July 2020, Anne decided to enroll James (now 8 years old) in a dance class as a girl! She signed him up in a local dance studio, Dance Machines, as “Luna.”



Our family is proud to support the outstanding work of Mass Resistance. If you wish to donate to these efforts, please go to this link: https://www.massresistance.us/cc_donations.html

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